Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I am late on the update (but on schedule???)

I went to sleep earlier than usual yesterday, and completely forgot to write the weekly update, sorry everyone! -_-
Anyway, last week I finished the new area of Rahib (people might have seen the map already, since I had left it open for those who wanted to take a look), I added a few scenes and the beginning of a quest, which I'll complete later this week. I think it's about time we start introducing some antagonists to the story, but I am still considering how I want this to go in practice (I have a few potential candidates, but some will be related to plots which are optional, so I'd rather pick someone who is part of the main quest, instead). I should have some rivals present in the various guilds you can join, to spice things up, although I wonder how their performance should be determined (should it just be that they complete any quest you leave untouched, use other systems or simply have their progress be set in stone as the story moves forward?).
Anyway, this is it for now, back to the gaming caves to mine some more content! See you next week (or maybe sooner than that, if you check my patreon and I show off some of the new art for the month)! ^_^

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