Monday, June 05, 2017

Still needing some sleep

But that's just not going to happen, is it? Anyway, this week wasn't as crazy as the previous one, so I managed to finish the quest (it has a few available approaches to solve it, as well as a little choice at the end on who to side with, so hopefully people will find it an interesting experience). The quest will start with a new NPC, I'll probably have him walk outside the mage guild during the day, he should be pretty noticeable, so old players won't have to search the entire map to figure out who is the new quest giver (I am even considering having quest givers have a mark on them, but I feel that kind of ruins the exploration part, so for now I have decided against it).
The poll on Patreon went as I expected, with the biggest group being indifferent toward the audio changes (I re-introduced moaning and whatnot in a scene, as an experiment), and a relatively small minority being against it. A good chunk of people like it, but they aren't the majority (relative or absolute), which leaves me in a pinch: I wouldn't want people to be turned off from the game if I change the scenes to have audio, and without a strong positive response it's harder to justify going through with it. I might try to modify another old scene to have audio, but for now I won't rush toward making changes.
Tomorrow I'll probably show off the second illustration for this month on the Patreon page (I should have probably posted it sooner, but I kept being side-tracked), and I'll start working on the second quest. Let's hope I make good progress, and manage to squeeze in 3 quests for the next update (also remember that I decided to postpone the release by a week, so we can expect a release not before the 19th at the earliest).
I hope I am not forgetting anything (my sleeping cycle has been a mess lately, so it's particularly worrisome XD), but I am sure you'll let me know in the comments if I did. Until next week! ^_^

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