Monday, May 22, 2017

I am too tired for a funny title

So, I already have the art for the next release ready, which means I can show it off in the following days! :)
As for what I did this week (other than the bugfixing for the Patreon version), I mainly worked on the first new, non-faction-related quest. I might have it play a minor effect later on in a certain path, but it's mainly the kind of quest you stumble upon, as opposed to the ones which are more structured like a job. It's not finished yet, but I have made good progress on the start AND the map it will use (I plan on re-using this map in a few situations, so it's hopefully going to be a good time investment). Some of the files are already in the game, but I think I sealed it off properly, so you shouldn't see the unfinished bits.
I also wasted some time trying to give the quest log a map to show in which city/area the various quests are located by fusing two different scripts. While I was successful, I wasn't happy with the result, and one of the scripts would have required me to expand its functions to fully cover what I had planned, and in the end I decided it wasn't worth it. At least I learned a bit more about the quest log script, but I think this idea might not be very useful, after all (you already get the city name in the quest, there is hardly any need for the map, I think).
Did any of you play the new sex scene at the bath house (in the Patreon version)? How was it? Were the few sounds I added any good? Should I give the same treatment to all other scenes?
I hope I am not forgetting anything, do let me know about any issues, as always. :)
P.S. I might have to delay this month's release, as I'll be a bit busy next week. Hopefully, I can just work around my schedule, but I figured I'd let everyone know, just in case.


  1. Hey fam, Was anything ever done regarding a TOTDC walkthrough? I'm not sure I'll ever find all the content no matter how much I play.

    1. You can find the most complete version on the wiki (link in the side-bar). It probably isn't 100% complete, but it covers an awful lot, and there are useful answers in the comments as well.

      The walkthrough is so long, I couldn't copy it in the Hypnopics Collective thread, so I just left links to it everywhere, instead. XD