Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Slightly delayed status update (release soon to come)

Hi everyone, sorry again for the delay with the status report, hopefully I'll catch up once the new version is released. Speaking of which, I should have it out in a couple of days, because I am a little behind with testing the new content. I can always fix it later, but I should at least do some basic QA before updating, to avoid annoying issues.
As for what I did this week, I worked on the new temple a bit more (I finished the second floor map), I added another scene for the vampiress, I added some in-game warning for when your cowgirl path is about to "lock-in" (in the form of some dream sequences), and I added a couple of secrets/puzzles in the city (although I should probably start adding them in other areas as well, so you'll have more fun exploring).
Once the release goes live, I'll also post the new poll, so if you have any suggestions for possible entries, do let me know! Otherwise, this should be about it for the moment, if I am forgetting something just ask in the comments. See you soon! ^_^

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