Friday, January 13, 2017

January update (December update goes public)

 So, last month's update is going public, you can download it from here:
here is the changelog for this version (I can't remember if I added anything in the bugfix, but I don't think so):
Added random encounter with drunkard in Tarkas at night;
Now you can use the "W" key to fast forward dialogues;
switched to the layered system for all scenes (I hope I didn't miss any);
Added a map for the random encounters;
Improved bulletin board in the commercial district;
Tea house job;
Bakery job;
Tattoos and piercings parlor;
First area of the slums (including the brothel).
 For those interested in the january update, here is the changelog and what you might be missing if you are not a patron:
Work at the brothel (needs lowered inhibitions, of course);
New area of the slums;
5-6 new scenes with the vampire (revamped progression, new nightly encounters, the original encounter has been vastly changed);
First two floors of the new temple (not explorable in-game yet, they are just sitting in the game files, gathering dust)
New scene with Gaspar;
Some warnings for the cow TF becoming permanent (Just one for now, but I hope the dream sequence is sexy enough ^_^);
a couple of new secrets around Tarkas;
And a fix for the scenes at the brothel as a customer (the screen isn't supposed to be just black, it should use the bust of the protagonist, as well as the usual flashing effects).
I think I should do some updating around the blog, and probably add a page for Caliross, but I am always kind of busy... -_- Anyway, enjoy the release!


  1. Yay a new update, can't wait to see what's coming now. Also I hope your hunt for artists have turned out well.

    1. Damn, I knew I was forgetting something! I did write on Patreon, but forgot to update here: I did find an artist, I should get better art for the protagonist before the next release, and then I should start getting illustrations for sex scenes the following months, so we have something more interesting than black screens to look at. XD

    2. Alright, in any case, did you leave a map of all encounters? Also I'm not sure how many events there are in game, I think I might be missing a few, do you happen to have a list of encounters? Just asking.

    3. I do have some notes, if you want I could link them to you, but of course they might be spoilerific.

  2. It's alright, I just want to find out what scenes I've missed, thanks.

    1. Okay here is a link to the .txt file:!gIYwgAQC!GN75MSBTer2GsEgklacSMPl8gKgtJ95vYoqIRBcvS20

      Of course, there might still be something missing/wrong (I am trying to keep good notes, but I keep forgetting all the time, I am not used to it at all XD).

    2. Okay, thanks. BTW I found a bug at the slums, for some odd reason the church old lady text is automatically triggered and gets stuck in a loop.

    3. Fixed. This is because I wanted the "zzz" to show all the time, but if you add text to the event, that shows up on a loop as well, and I forgot to separate the two, or find a workaround.

  3. Do you plan on having a web or mac version of this game?

    1. Since I am developing this in VX Ace, there is sadly no straightforward way to port it to mac or html.