Monday, November 07, 2016

November update

So, the patrons are getting this month update. As planned, I'll start releasing to the public new releases with a month delay, so starting from next month, everyone will get access to a new version. For those interested, here is the changelog, for a recap of what I did this month:

Minor changes to the mage guild manager's dialogue (made the existance of a public AND private library in the guild obvious);

Changed admission requirements for the mage guild;

Added quest log entries for joining the mage and adventurers guilds;

improved detect magic "on screen" detection;

Added some interactive elements to the player's house;

Added hint to the use of detect magic on the slime quest;

Option to "postpone" Carla's path and willpower training after HP cap is reached (it will cost "only" 50 gold);

Now to really start the cowgirl path, you need 85 willpower or lower when working in the farm.
You get a new scene if you are a little "rebellious"; and there are two more scenes/events for going down this path;

Finished intro to the mage guild, now you can join as a full member;

First quest (errand?) you can run for one of the mages;

Added dispel;

Added alternative escape route during the merchant quest, if you already have the mouse transformation available;

Lightning spell added;

New faction (werewolves);

New TF tested and working (no temple for it yet);

Layered system for portrait done (I use it only in one scene for now, I'd like to work more on the images before switching all the sex scenes to it);

Added some scenes to the maid job (now there are 3 possible situations other than the standard "nothing happened");

Added a few secrets around the city;

Changed a few NPCs graphics (most notably, Carla);

A few typos and bugs fixed, and probably something else I am forgetting.

Anyway, for those who aren't supporting me on patreon, a little patience and you'll get this version as well. Considering how slow I have been in the past, I am sure all of my fans are use to waiting, so I hope there are no hard feelings about it. :p

Look forward to next week's update, as usual. Until then! ^_^


  1. Hi Mdqp! My impatience for more Caliross got me to pledge, ehehe. Where would you prefer bug reports? Here, h-c, or somewhere else? Thanks!

    1. I think HC is probably better, but only because I can quote the bug reports. I hope you won't find too many! XD

  2. Hey during the merchant question, I suddenly couldn't use any spells when I ran by the guard in the corridor. Also I don't know how to avoid getting caught, can someone explain that?

    1. Mmmh, what did happen exactly?

      1) Your mouse cursor disappeared;

      2) You couldn't select spells from your spell list;

      3) You could select the spells but nothing would happen.

      Did you try not running? That's usually what trips the guards (actually, it's pressing the button to run, which reminds me this might potentially be a bug, if you select to run by default).

    2. Actually yeah that bug occurred. And also I couldn't access my status or check any of my equipment thanks to that little bug.