Monday, November 14, 2016

Gaming == Working

So, as expected after the poll, I am currently tackling adding jobs and random events. This week after the usual bugfixing, I got to mull over the suggestions I got for possible new jobs, and decided to work on making a job available at the tea house. This will be a little different from the other jobs, as it will be a bit of a mix: a random roll will determine which job you are assigned that day (working the tables, working in the kitchen, or "babysitting" the diva of the tea house, Edith). I'll probably have them structured from the get go as short stories, each with their own arcs, although eventually they'll stop advancing (they are still side content, after all). 
Right now, I have done all the introductory scenes for each, as well as the usual "hiring" dialogue with the owner. I am not sure if I want to add this job on the list in the commercial district, as I presented it as something the tea house doesn't really need (that's why you get thrown left and right wherever you are more useful), and because it might become cluttered (I feel like I should leave some room for unique job announcements as well, from time to time).
I have also added a random scene when walking at night (a very friendly drunkard will try to hit on you. To do go along with him, you really pretty low inhibitions). Right now, I just limited it to a particular street, but I think I'll get ready some "neutral maps" to use for random events: the idea is that the city is bigger than what you actually see, so those maps would be somewhere between two areas of the city, and so I could have the events be available everywhere. The only problem with this is setting the chance, as it might be too easy to get to trigger the random events right away. Anyway, hopefully it will all make sense once I put together everything.
I did some minor work on a way to skip dialogues (I decided to bind the skipping to the "W" key, since it's one of the few default keys which have no real function right now), so people will be able to fast-forward already seen conversations. It was a bit annoying, because the function was messed up by two conflicting scripts (thankfully, it was easier than I thought it would be!).
I have the nagging feeling I did something more, but I can't remember, so it's probably some behind the scene stuff, or some spritework (those never make it to my notes, since I always end up having to do a little of it here and there).
As always, let me know if you have any thoughts about this, if you have suggestions, etc., otherwise, see you next week! ^_^

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