Monday, September 12, 2016

Almost there

I added the tutorial (I think it does a reasonable job at explaining the mouse controls and the other new/uncommon features/mechanics I use in the game), I have added a journal and a quest log, finished a couple of new characters and their scenes, and did some more small stuff here and there. I think within a day or two I'll have another closed beta, and depending on how it goes, I might finally be able to start things on Patreon. I'll have to post this stuff around the various forums, when things are said and done. Hopefully things will go well, but I am of course a bit nervous about it. There isn't much else to say, I'll have to double-check some of the text and finish up some touches here and there, but I think the game has enough content and identity to stand on its own (although it might lack in sexy pictures right now -_-).

Not much else to say, it was a "let's try to get things ready" week, and I did enough to be happy about the progress, although it wasn't as satisfying as simply adding new content. I'll probably announce the patreon within the next week, if nothing goes horribly wrong, so until then! ^_^

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