Monday, July 18, 2016

Did someone say working gifs?

This is the last time (I hope):

This should fix a minor problem during Darenzia's side quest (you wouldn't get the scene with Aria if you befriended her, since the game would test the "friendship value" of a different character), and the gifs finally work (thank you so much wifetrainer, I can't believe I had forgotten the workaround), so you can see the game as it was intended to be released, more or less.

The gifs didn't need fixing in the web version, so here is a small update for the quest problem alone (just unpack the files in the proper directory and overwrite, it's just 2 files):

Apologies for the updates rush, hopefully no more major issues are in the game, so I can just collect reports for a while, and maybe eventually fix more typos and bugs.


  1. Unrelated to this bugfix, but how do I avoid getting a game over on traveling between planets? Obviously not letting Mental Resistance to be at 0 most of the time would help, but that's no fun!

    1. That *is* how.
      Apart from (a) pop-up event(s) offering a game over if you make the wrong choice, too much flying around with too little MR is the game over on travel, afaik.
      You could play with the Travel Sphere, raise MR to 5, fly, lower MR to wherever it was and carry on from there, I suppose, but other than that the way to win this game is to avoid (most of) the "fun" scenes.

  2. What places have gifs? So I know where to check for the fixed version?

    1. Let's see... Off the top of my head, we have the gym on Maltik (you need to learn about it before you can go look for it), there are random events that trigger only when you have high indoctrination (there are 4 on Europa 4, 1 on Kantor and another on its beach, 1 on Verania), The movies at the cinema too get different scenes if you have high indoctrination, and they are gifs. There are a handful you can find during the final quest, too. There might be something more, but right now I can't remember where they are.

  3. I think I stumbled over a bug in the web-version that prevents me from progressing any further.

    When you check the list of subjects Tony that sends you - all actions ('remember something..' and 'is this the most likely..') except leaving the person's profile ('Go back to the list') seem to break the game (for me).

    The browser (I use Chromium) console shows the following:
    VM8346:1(anonymous function) @ VM8346:1
    VM8346:1 Uncaught Error: Cant parse var ref [v: RS prequel txt ([object Object])(2)]

    Is this something that is already known / has already been reported? If not (and you feel like you might want to look into this): please let me know if there is anything I can do to provide you with additional info / details / etc.

    Best regards

    1. For some reason, your comment ended up in the spam folder (maybe the filter didn't like the report too much? XD).

      Anyway this is indeed a new bug, I'll ask the person helping me with the web version if he might know why this is happening. By the way, did you try this with another browser to see if the problem is still there?

  4. Ah well .. who likes bugreports anyways ;)

    I tried to re-check this in other browsers but failed to do so. Neither the jags 'game import/export' functionality worked (there is no error message after the import - but the savegames do not show up) nor was I able to find a suitable option via the debug-sphere-thingy. And although the game is great I somehow would love to avoid re-playing everything in every browser just to reach this point in the game again (and be stuck there as well).

    Is there any debug-sphere option that would enable me to quickly jump to the point where I can browse the list of suspects?

    1. Currently the import/export for the web version isn't functional, because the person helping me needed more time to convert the system (since it used RAGS functions we didn't need before, it wasn't quite ready yet).

      The import/export doesn't create a savefile, by the way, but it will store data in an array, which I can export to another game and use as reference when Chapter 2 will need to check what you did in chapter 1.

      To get quickly into browsing suspects, you need to use the "test ID" action in the travel sphere (I believe it's under "testing").

    2. Ahh.. 'Test ID' is what I was looking for, thank you very much. But I encounter the same error in Firefox, as well as Opera (I do not have access to IE/Edge at the moment).

      And thanks for your explanation - I think I misunderstood the 'SYSTEM -> Export Game' functionality a bit. I assumed it is something that iterates over all savegames (in the browser's local storage) and creates a string representation (base64-ish?) of all saves (e.g. their gamestate) that you can use to store it somewhere else or import it in another browser (that needs to decode and store the single saves in the new browsers local storage to re-create the saves) so you can continue to play.
      It seemed to me that I was just looking for a function like this ;)

      (BTW. is this JAGS thingy open source and/or is there maybe a GitHub repository available? Maybe there are persons in your audience that could/would help with the development?)

    3. var parsing error is fixed

      var import/export has been added to the web version (importing RAGS var exports still needs proper integration)
      Since I write files directly - this feature will require IE10 as minimum.

      But there is a slight confusion - system->import/export game was indeed what you were looking for. It should work, just slightly different than you expected. It was implemented as an alternative for cases where local storage was unusable so instead of (de)serializing all save games from local storage it is equivalent to the game save/load function (ie it imports/exports the current game state)

      Update still needs testing/packaging but i think i can send mdqp the fixed web player later today.