Sunday, January 24, 2016

The ending is... Finished!

Well, I did as much as I planned to, anyway. All the stuff I thought of is in the ending, and the relative variables are exported too. Music is in there too, although I'll need a lot of feedback from my testers (I don't have any ambience, and certainly no voice acting, but I wanted to have silence in a few sections, as I can't have music appropriate for all the moments).

I haven't tested it yet, and I probably won't until the quest is complete in all aspects. I figure this will need a LOT of work. It's pretty complex, unsurprisingly, and it can get long depending on what you did during the game, so a lot of checks for variables. I will also need testers to tell me if the whole thing is too long, how the writing is, if I forgot some events they figure should be mentioned in the ending, etc. I am pretty happy about the ending, hopefully everyone will like it, the music is really the only part that I am doubtful of, we'll see how it goes.

So now it's back to "normal" quest content, which means the slave paths. These should be the sexiest part of the quest, since the MC will be featured heavily in those, but I will probably need to find pics for them, which is always a pain... -_-

Anyway, this is it for the week! I might actually take it easy and work a bit on my side projects, the ending was actually a little annoying to put together, I didn't know how to "place" some of the narration, and it was freezing me, I also learned once again how easier things would have been if I had been more orderly before, but it's too late for that. I'll see ya'll next week! ^_^


  1. Lessons learned for the next chapter. ;)

    Still pumped about your ideas for your non-Rags games too! ^__^

    1. Can't wait to give it a go! :D

    2. Hopefully it's going to be soon, although I'll probably work on some side content too, before any testing goes on (I don't want to delay the closed beta too much, though, as I need a lot of feedback on this one). :)

    3. @anon: hopefully whatever game I pick is going to be well-liked, leaving TOTDC behind is going to be a big jump, after all these years. XD