Sunday, September 27, 2015

Random events galore!

Between last week and this week, I added about 7-8 new random events (usually split in pairs for each location I decided to work on), all related to your indoctrination level. I decided to make them respond only to indoctrination (instead of using mental resistance as well) because it's easier and also because low MR already has some events that have a "unique" style to them, so I thought I'd keep it consistent.

I did some more work on the main quest, but since I opted to do a few more random events, I didn't really dive in to make big stuff, I just did some more picture hunting and room placement/planning. I am really wondering how big I want this final section to be. On one hand, the ending should be reasonably sized, I think, but since it probably won't feature too much exploration, I wonder if making the map too large might be a possible problem. I am sure I'll figure it out as soon as I nail down the finer details in there, as usually the gameplay informs a lot of my other choices as well, and right now I haven't tackled it yet.

I don't think there is much else to say really (as always, feel free to ask questions/remember me if I am forgetting something in the comments), it's been a standard week, all in all, so I guess I'll see you guys next sunday (I won't really see you, but let's not play semantics here)! ^_^

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