Monday, September 21, 2015

Damn, this sunday sure looks like monday to me...

...Or rather, I didn't have access to my PC last night, and I forgot to write my post before that, sorry. So, this week I just worked on some random events, related to low mental resistance and the "indoctrination" value. I got a few suggestions about it on the Hypnopics Collective thread, and I figured they would actually work pretty nicely. I used to be against such events, because I felt like the game would feel "weird" with you being normal most of the times, and then acting "out of character" every now and then, but I have since reconsidered my position (and in several scenes, this already happens to an extent). This also gave me the time to think some more about how I want to go about implementing the last quest, so it was a nice change of pace. Random scenes are relatively low effort (little or no interaction with the player required), but they are good at setting the mood, so I figure they will make for a nice addition.

Nothing else to report, my fellow perverts connoisseurs of mind control fantasies. I will add a few more random scenes, and then probably go back to working on the main quest, or at least that's the plan. Until next week! ^_^


  1. ooh oooh I have an idea!

    With low MR, Kantor Beach, a group of frat-boy style spring break boys yell "show us your boobs" and you flash them, before realising wait..why the fuck did I do that. Perfect for showing the indoctrination is getting to you.

    Heck, any exhibitionist random event ones would make my day >:D

    1. Hey, I forgot to answer last week, but know that this event is in the game now. :)