Monday, July 27, 2015

Still fixing some issues

So between the web version and the "normal" version, I did have a few things to take care of. I'll release an update for the web version soon (I wanted to upload it right now, actually, but it seems like I can't connect to the server right now, for some reason), while the RAGS version might have to wait a few more days (I like to give myself a few days since the last report, to hopefully get more reports before I push a new version). Sorry for not posting yesterday, by the way, I went out with friends, and forgot to write before leaving the house.

As for donations, this week we got 20 € from A.B. (I sent you an email, if you read this, check it out!), and there shouldn't be any wallet-killing sales these days, so I'll probably manage to hold onto it. :p

Not much else to say, really. These days I have been working on the RPGmaker and the Twine projects I am using to learn a bit more about these engines, so I didn't really do anything with TOTDC (I wanted a short break, I'll probably resume development on it this week or next week). I like working on cutscenes in RPGmaker, but they definitely take away quite some time to do properly, so I figure I should try to avoid situations where you need them as much as possible, if I were to make this into a fully fledged game one day. Anyway, expect an update for the web version soon, an update for the RAGS version soon-ish, and then I should be done with the 0.9 update, and ready to work on the 1.0, finally. Until next week! ^_^


  1. Wonderful, hopefully Boo will have a home now and the game crashes for the Tony Police quest will be fixed. Love your work.

    1. The police quest should be fixed now (or at least, it shouldn't crash anymore). I can't remember whether Boo is still homeless or not, though. :I

    2. Just to Clarify. I can buy the hamster cage for Boo and take it back to the ship. However, when I try to put it down in C's quarters the game crashes.

      I also found another crash. When you take the Metal box to Draz so that she can hack it she says you need to enter a code. When I try to enter a code I can put a couple letters in and then the game crashes.

      In Draz's loyalty quest for the barrier maze, the location of the impulse isn't shown. It makes is MUCH harder to solve.
      Not a bug, but on Draz's loyalty quest there doesn't seem to be a way to win and still become a porn star. It might be interesting if Alice can then talk Celeste into being a porn star. I notice that Alice doesn't often make suggestions that are actually possible.

    3. Thanks for the bug report.

      Boo problem found - its a stale game action. I will mail mdqp the fix.

      The second was reported before I think - if it is "Metal box - Try to disarm the trap" that is already fixed. If it is a different action please state object/char/room and action name.

      Third one is still under investigation. Is there a way to trigger it quickly through the travel sphere?

    4. Ok so the problem with the last one is that the white dot does not move, correct?

    5. Hi Web Dev,

      That is correct. The white dot doesn't move on the screen.

      It seems to be purely an image problem as the puzzle is still solvable and the game acts like it is moving on the compass.

      Thanks for looking at it.

  2. So I still haven't find the "side-quest (which is kind of a secret-but-not-quite side-quest, let's see if you stumble upon it!)".

    Can anybody help me?

    1. I believe that quest is the Forbidden planet Side Quest.

      Go to the vendor in downtown and ask for work. His first quest will be to give a briefcase to a guy in the Casino in the entertainment district. They guy will run, chase him down to give him the briefcase. He'll thank you and give you a gold bracelet. Go back to the vendor and get paid.

      Next time you leave the planet Celeste will be mind controlled by the bracelet and set course for the forbidden planet. She'll then leave the ship and her friends will need to rescue her.

      They will find two gold items on the quest and you can take them back to the vendor to sell them for 1,000 C each. Once you jump again you'll get a message to meet an archaeologist on Kantor. Agree to his quest and you'll go to another planet... and have sex with a tree. (Not many pics :( ) It gets a little strange at the end. But if you find all the items he'll pay you 3,400 C.

    2. Yup, that's the one! Thanks, anon!

    3. I was aware of the forbbiden planet quest but I never went so far to sell the gold thingy. Thank you very much for the tip!

  3. I apologize for this question but I'm slightly confused right now by the different versions of the game. Is the normal version the RAGs version of the game and if so what are the current bugs for it? (I'm trying to decide whether or not to play it now or wait for the next bugfix version of the game to come out)

    1. Hi Nobody,

      I play the Web version as I can't get Rags to work on my computer so the bug fixes are really helpful to me. So far, I've found 4 bugs in the game and they were all fixed in this release.

      As for whether to play now, that is a good question. I started last week and got sucked in for several days. If MC is your thing it's a really fun game to play. That said, it's incomplete.

      The ending to the main story is planned for the next release. So you might want to wait a month and play it when the main story is done then have to wait chewing on your knuckles to find out how it ends.

    2. No need to apologize. The "normal" version is the RAGS version, correct. There is a bug with a handful of extranet entries causing crashes, and there was a minor bug involving a puzzle (basically, if you inserted the numbers as 1 4 6, instead of 146, the game would recognize both as correct, but then it would ignore the 1 4 6 answer, forcing you to redo the puzzle). The next bugfix is coming by the end of the week, so you can probably wait, if you want.

      As for when I complete the game, is probably going to take more than a month, sorry anon. ;p

    3. Yes, the RAGS version is the "normal" version. It is developed by mdqp. It is also playtested by him so it should behave exactly like the dev intended (unless RAGS decides to act up again).

      The web version is an alternate offer for people who can't or don't want to run the RAGS player. It will never be "newer" as it is converted from the currently released RAGS version and any bug fix release for it will only fix defects specific to the web version.

      So if you are comfortable with the RAGS player play the RAGS version of the game - ideally the web version will "only" play the same way.

      Should you play now? The game has no known serious game stopping bug now, but it is not finished. I have no idea what is changed in the next (rags) release but it won't be finished then either... It might be beneficial to wait for the next (0.93?) release though - that will be released soon (tm) - because the RAGS engine is known for save game incompatibilities.

      Or play all versions and report any problems to help us debug this thing ...