Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sorry, forgot to write this yesterday!

Anyway, the first day of the quest is done. I am still not 100% sure on whether to make it 2 or 3 days long (beyond the day of your arrival, which is spent introducing the situation and the characters). On one hand, making it shorter might make for a tighter experience, and I'd have to write less dialogues, on the other hand, 3 days seem a more reasonable length (you know, to interact with the various characters). I'll probably end up using 2 days, and make the approach more "free form", so to speak, so that maybe you can even solve the entire quest before the two days are over (I'll have to use some arbitrary time management element, possibly giving you x number of actions you can take per day, before the time of the day moves forward, changing your available interactions and eventually switching back and forth between Celeste and Darenzia).

Other than this, not much to report, I hope to crack this one soon, so I can start to work toward finishing the quest. I have to come up with some puzzles, especially for the Darenzia section (although Celeste's and Darenzia's paths will have some crossover and depending on your choices Celeste will be able to give Darenzia a way to bypass this or that puzzle). The ending of this quest will probably have various resolutions (and I'll probably allow you to fail the quest as well, and continue playing, although, why would you do that? ;p), but while a couple will be fairly clear cut, I am unsure on how to handle one of them (coincidentally,  it's also the one which involves the most sex ^_^).

This is pretty much about it for the week, I think the quest will be fun enough to play through, once everything is in place. See ya next week! ^_^


  1. "I have to come up with how Celeste will be able to give Darenzia a way to bypass this or that couple, I am unsure on how to handle ending of this quest, it's also fairly clear cut, the one which involves the most sex"

    >>>I've broken your secret code!!!

    The yuri dream will nevah die!! \( ゚◡゚)/ #FullDarenziaRoute2015

    1. The yuri dream will never die... Because it's a dream... :p
      # I am mean person, sorry about that

    2. Dream? I think not.

      We'll fight a life or death struggle against the powers of capitalism. Only complete faith in Yuri can protect you.

      Yuri: The future is mine, to command and conquer.

    3. For the love of the delicate flowers, and stuff!!!

  2. keep it up! can't wait for the next update!

  3. Zee post! Vee need dah nev post, ve needz it..! >.>