Sunday, February 08, 2015

Fluffy dialogue week

Exactly what it says on the tin! Since I haven't pinned down the details of the puzzles for Darenzia yet, I ended up focusing on Celeste's section, which will involve talking to a variety of characters, to try and learn some useful intel from them. This means writing a lot of fairly uninteresting dialogue, to be entirely honest. There will be something spicy thrown in the middle (It is a porn game, after all ;p), but I must admit writing it isn't terribly exciting. Maybe I'll have to come up with something to make it overall more interesting (I already plan some secondary objectives that you can achieve beyond the main one, so befriending certain people won't help you progress in the quest itself, but will reward you with additional scenes and/or items, but I probably will need something extra still). The system is already in place, it's fairly simple, mainly just a way to track down the NPCs reactions to your actions, and to put things on a "time limit", so that you can't just "grind" the dialogues, and have to pick who to talk to, so it becomes a bit of a balancing act (you won't be able to just talk with everyone, unlock everything and successfully complete the quest, basically). I still have to figure Darenzia's puzzles, and if I can't come up with anything, I might have to rehash something old, but I don't like the idea, we'll see (Darenzia's signature unlocking mini-game will come back, but probably nobody ever liked it XD).

Other than this, I'd say nothing much has happened. Writing all the lines is a bit of a slog, because I need to have at least 3 answers for Celeste to give on each situation, so it becomes difficult to keep the dialogues at least slightly entertaining, and there are multiple characters to care about (maybe I'll have to trim one down? I am certainly considering it, but no final decisions are made as of now), which takes more time than it reasonably should, considering the final results of my efforts, but unfortunately branching paths, even simple, self-contained ones like these can be time consuming. I also keep needing new pictures, even if everytime I think I finally have all I need, so I had to do some picture hunting on the side, as well, just to waste more time.

This is it for last week. As always, ask me anything in the comments, especially if I forgot something. Until next sunday, bye! ^_^


  1. If branching paths are getting too complex, remember: You can always take the Bioware route and make the player choices competely meaningless.

    But in all seriousness, we've waited this long for an update, we may as well wait as long as it takes for you to flesh out the paths properly.

    1. Also, I hate to be the monkey wrench, but what about unique choices or circumstances keyed to each character strengths (i.e., Athletic, Lucky, Perspective, etc.).

      And... I liked D's minigame. Reminds me of old-school Thief quite appropriately.

    2. The choices in Mass Effect that lead nowhere are probably part of the reason why I made this game the way that it is. The disappointment cut deep enough to motivate me to make a porn game, there is clearly something wrong. XD

      To anon2 (or the continuation of anon1?) I hope the news in my last post is clear enough about how the dialogue in the quest will work, now that I decided to rework it.

    3. That's exactly how Obama got into politics!
      One day he was like "I need me some Turian ass" and the next he ran for president. True Story.

    4. Sometimes I wonder if the comments I get aren't somehow mixed up with someone else's blog... XD

    5. Are you suggesting that this blog is not in fact dedicated to the glory of our lord and savior Elvis? Preposterous!