Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Jane's romance is done!

So, I went and finished Jane's romance as well. This wasn't as laborious as Malena's romance, since in the end I just added two scenes, and there aren't any new mechanics involved. I took me a while to decide on what to do for the final scene, and that's what took away most of my time. I like it, but we'll see if it needs any improvements later on.

This means I have only Piper left, now, and I'll be done with the romances! And in case you didn't know, I really struggle writing those, because they aren't tied to any mechanics nor are they really intertwined with the plot itself, but rather are small and completely independent mini-paths, which can still cause some weird disconnects if not handled properly, so I am always really troubled when I have to deal with them. Thankfully, Piper is the last one, and then I am good for the rest of the game! ^_^

This time around I got 2 donations!

100 Australian dollars by old time contributor J.C. (you are way too generous, man), and another 50 € from a mysterious donor (if you want to discuss any reward for your donation, please contact me. Since you requested privacy, I wasn't sure if I could contact you on your e-mail or not, so if you read this, just send me an e-mail ^_^).

And this should be it this time around. Nothing too exciting and I can't really talk about the scenes, since I could only spoil them for you (there isn't really anything other than the romance plot, there). Until next time!


  1. So I have to ask, from what I read basically a heroine's route is equal to a good/bad end? More precisely, is it an (optional) addition to the main story or an alternative?

    1. I guess I wasn't clear enough, my bad.

      Basically, only Malena has a true bad ending attached to her romance as a possible outcome. The other two are independant from the main plot, so they are additions, rather than alternatives.

  2. Hey mate I got the message back and if you were wondering the reference I made was Monty Python, I'm not yet dead! XD
    Oh well the reference was a bit obscure so sorry, but back to the work, I'm currently going over certain details in making the story, and I don't know what CYOA means, sorry.
    I've got a lot of stuff to add to that story and another, which is about Mass Effect, it follows on the Clone Sheppard and the aftermath of the war, she ends up as a sex craving lunatic who's an evil sadist who makes women into sex slaves for the Terminus Systems and has a brainwashing VI of her own to mess with people, she's evil anyway and horny as hell so she doesn't need to be brainwashed LOL.

    Also I've been meaning to get this out of the way, and add, I'm currently thinking about how donations are, I mean do you have a set goal? Just curious, and also what was the largest donation you received?
    I donated to one guy who was an artist who had financial trouble 1100+ US Dollars.
    Don't ask why, leave it as it being a generous thing to do, and also something about investing in people's abilities. :D

    1. Ah-ah! I even watched that movie, but somehow, I thought you were referring to the entire sentence "it's good to see you are not dead" rather than "I am not dead yet!". XD XD XD

      CYOA means "choose your own adventure" basically books with a few alternative paths, that have different outcomes (and the reader is presented with a few choices along the way, whenever the story branches).

      A Shepard clone? Was the Illusive Man somehow involved?

      As for donations, I believe someone asked this before (I can't remember if here or on the forums), but basically there are no real goals. It all started a bit after I released the first demo for TOTDC, and after 3+ years of using the free version of RAGS, I was lamenting how limiting it felt to me. Than buster came along, and offered to donate me a license for the full version. He and a few other people also suggested I started taking donations, so if they wanted to they could show their support for the game, and that's how it began. I am not doing this full time, so having goals would be unfair, since I can't guarantee how much I'll be able to work on the game on a daily basis. I usually offer rewards to whoever is kind enough to donate (usually it's one of 3 possibilities: access to the closed beta, naming a character, or suggestions for a scene/event), and the largest donation was probably around 100 € or $ (can't remember right now XD), but some people donated more than once, so a few donors have gone beyond that. It's also worth noting that I never linked my paypal account to a bank account or a credit card, so there are currently limitations to how much money I can receive/spend in a year. I did this because I wasn't sure of how I should report this money in my fiscal system, so I decided to keep things on the down low.

    2. Oh okay, well just checking in, I may donate as well, I can afford it at times, so just thought I'd do something nice.

      Also back to the story, the story takes place after Mass Effect 3, with a slight twist, the Illusive Man isn't necessarily dead, he planned ahead in the event of an emergency and cloned himself as well with cybernetic implants to keep most of his mind intact, he lost everything when Cerberus went down, but he himself stayed alive. Now he needs to start over, and he finds out that the Clone Shepard is still alive, so he makes a trail to lead her to him and cut a deal, help him restart Cerberus in anyway possible, and she can have anything she wants.

      She agrees and begins the hunt to procure money and support from various corporations and companies as well as governments, it proves far more challenging because all she has is her body and a handful of creds. But what the heck, she goes for it anyway! :D

      The first arc of the story is helping a crooked banker catch a vigilante criminal who's trying to steal his money, Shepard helps to catch the crook and brainwash her into making her the banker's personal sex slave. And I got a few more ideas after that, including how Shepard manages to get a hold of an advanced VI which is provided by the Illusive Man in helping her in her job.

      Lots of kinds of Mind Control themes and sex, and other stuff, its pretty linear, I'm not going for a CYOA story this time.

    3. Well, every donation is welcome, so thank you for thinking about it. :)

      If it's Mass Effect themed, you already have 3 MC sources in it (the Asari, the Reapers and the Thorian), so you should have no problems with the lore.

    4. You can always report the donations as "supplementary ill-gotten income pilfered from mind-controlled thralls" XD

    5. As I often say, I am a sub, so chances are I would end up being mind-controlled. XD

    6. Why does that comment make me think of:

      Now, back to planing the psi-op "Yuri Revenge"
      aka "Darenzia gets a route" >_>

    7. Nope, not happening, Darenzia is straight as a door nail, sorry about that. :p

      She will get a side quest, though. :D

    8. When there's a will...
      ...there's a way! XD

  3. Have a stable job for once so I finally donated. It wasn't a lot but I hope it helps in some way.

    1. Thanks! No matter how small, any donation is appreciated (I sent you an e-mail, by the way :D).