Sunday, August 17, 2014

I didn't do much this time around

As the title says, I wasn't very productive this week. I had relatives visiting, I had to visit a few relatives, I had some internet issues, I couldn't access my PC for a while, I got stuck because I couldn't remember what my original plan for Piper's romance was (if I told anyone what I was planning, feel free to remind me, by the way)... Basically, I struggled a lot this time around, so I didn't get much done, beyond one scene. Hopefully I can do something this week, and finish up this romance, without too many troubles this time around.

I also got a 5€ donation (thank you very much! ^_^), which I believe I forgot to mention last time, but this should be about it, as I said, not much else is happening (I did get a few nice ideas for my RPG maker side project, though, so at least there is that).

Stay tuned for more news!


  1. So lets summarize, your relative progress has stalled this week, and you didn't keep proper notes so you had to 'pay the piper' BUT you're hoping for a nice, romantic weekend? :p

    1. Kind of. XD

      I am terribly at keeping notes. This is my third game, and I started taking notes only halfway through. Thankfully I have a good memory, so generally it's not an issue, but from time to time I have an idea that I don't get to work on until much later, so I end up in these unpleasant situations. Oh well, it's my fault, so no use in complaining about it. XD

  2. Would you mind if another game wished to honor you with a few TOTDC references and a small crossover appearance by one of your characters?

    What are some of your favorite RAGS and Twine games?

    1. Seriously if you're bothering to ask, why don't...
      #1 go into specifics, as in defining 'few' and what character(s) in what situation(s)?
      #2 take five minutes to make an account and keep it to PM's/emails etc..?

    2. @ Anon #1:

      I have absolutely no troubles at all with references (in fact, they make me quite happy! ^_^). For the crossover, it depends on what you mean to do. If it's not meant to be in the same universe as TOTDC and is just a small appearance, I am okay with it, if it's meant to use the TOTDC setting, I would prefer to finish my games, before leaving the possibility to other authors to use it.

      Let's see, I probably mentioned a few of those before, but:

      Rough Landing 1 & 2 [RAGS]: They are probably my favourites, I love them (and the second one heavily inspired Blanked, my second game), and to this day, I still play them again, from time to time.

      Bodywerks [RAGS]: Another classic (and this one's atmosphere inspired my first game, instead), I don't think it gets enough love. I must also admit that I never finished this one, because it's pretty big, and it's easy to lose while exploring aimlessly (also, I get a bit frustrated by the random fights, but that's more my problem).

      Overseer [RAGS]: I love this game, unfortunately my terrible PC and RAGS poor performance make it hard for me to enjoy playing it (it's a HUGE game, and it takes its toll on my crappy system, even moving from room to room happens with a delay, for me >_<)

      Darthmoth Manor [RAGS]: I like this one quite a lot, but while it's a RAGS games, be warned that it has no TF, only some MC elements, and while there are some erotic scenes, I wouldn't call it a porn game. I like the writing, but I know the style didn't agree with everyone, so while I personally enjoy it a lot, you should try the demo, before committing to it (you need to donate in order to get the full version).

      There are many other RAGS games I enjoyed over time (Little Slave Lost and Little Slave Lost chapter 0, Mind Shift, The Lilith Device, Space Ditz, Etranz, Demon Town, MotelS, Office Investigation, Corporate Takeover, The Verse, Instinct Program), but a lot of them are not complete, or they present mechanics that don't fit my personal fetish as much (It's not by chance that all my games have female main characters in submissive situations), or they might be a bit old or limited in some aspects, or I didn't play them as much as I wanted to in order to form an opinion, so while I feel I should mention them, you should probably try them yourself and see how much you like them. Some are not finished, as I said, but they have as much content as certain finished games, so there is a lot to look forward to.

      There are a lot of games made using Twine that I liked/found intriguing (The Journey Outside, Booth Babe, Sugar Daddy, Rad Science, Dark Recruitment, The Masculine Mistique, just to name the ones I liked the most), but of the ones I really like, I probably never played a finished one, so it's hard to really recommend them (you can find all of them on TFgames, except maybe Rad Science, since it went to private distribution after the "fight" between the author and a few forumers, which reminds me how badly I want to play it again, I should probably try to contact the author).

      @ Anon #2:

      I believe he/she was just trying to learn if it was okay or not before starting anything, he will probably take it to private messages if he decides to go through with it (usually people don't like to spoil their plans for their games too much).

      There is nothing wrong with asking which games I like publicly, in fact it might even start some dialogue about games in general in the comments, which I am perfectly okay with.

      Some people usually have a list of games they recommend on their blogs, I didn't add one mainly because suggesting games to others without knowing what they are looking for exactly didn't feel like I was doing a great service to my players, but I can see why some people would be interested (I am always on the lookout for new games to try myself ^_^).

    3. (New Anon)
      That was a very insightful and informative answer. I've played many of those but not all of them and will make a note of them the next time I'm on the hunt for another game. Did a lot of "Oh yeah, that was a good one!" moments as I was reading through your list. :P Like you, however, my PC is... antiquated and games like Overseer is just too much for it to handle (sad fluff)--heck that particular game has video elements in it!

      Different engine but recently I have been playing the well-written but short CYOA, html game called "Apotheosis" found here:

      It always amazes me how certain blogs have a different atmosphere in the visitors and comments and what-have-you for very similar topics. Here, it's light and positive where people respect one another--obviously taking Mdqp's lead. Whereas other blogs are positively vitriol--critical (in a very negative manner), oppressive, and rude. Sad to see how it crushes the spirit of many game makers. It really does. But here! It's just so nice! :D

      Hmm, went off-tangent. Just saying, at least coming from me, how much respect I have for you, Mdqp, and your work and how you've set the tone and mood of your blog. You handle yourself elsewhere all around the web in much the same way which occasionally gets a chuckle from some of the comments I've read that you've made.

      Anyway, give Apotheosis a try, everyone. Good game, hope no one minds the recommendation. (It's just the latest game I've been playing that I've enjoyed.)

    4. Having a crappy PC sucks, there are more and more games I simply can't play on it, I really wanted to try Borderlands 2 and the new X-Com, for example, but they won't even start on my PC... Even some 2D games have requirements that make it impossible for me to run them... T_T

      I tried Apotheosis, and I actually kind of like it, although I feel the plot is a bit unsatisfying at times, and I wish there weren't as many paths, because I feel more often than not they have to be short because there are too many of them.

      Sometimes I have written some unsensitive posts myself (without meaning to), so I know that it's not always done on purpose: it can be a language barrier, it can be a comment written in a hurry, it can be a cultural difference and many other things. As long as we speak to each other frankly, there shouldn't be any problems, though, misunderstandings are easy to clear. :)

      I don't know if I have really set the tone for the blog myself, I didn't ever really need to moderate the comments so far, so maybe it's just a happy coincidence. I wonder which comments got a chuckle out of you? ^_^

      I doubt anyone minds a recommendation, if anything they'll be glad you mentioned the game, if they happen to like it.

    5. "...I don't know if I have really set the tone for the blog myself, I didn't ever really need to moderate the comments so far, so maybe it's just a happy coincidence..."

      So, I assume the 'Elerium Mindscramblifier Ψ-5000™' control probe came with the blog then? >_>

    6. You would be surprised at the gadgets that come with using Blogger... :p

    7. The "(New Anon)" from above.

      Well, off the top of my head there was this one thread somewhere discussing some Japanese game where someone recognized you and you made a comment along the lines of "What? I like games." or something similar that was just really funny to me for some reason. I suppose it was the timing and the context. ;P

      I tried to look for Rad Science as I've heard that game mentioned to me a few times now. But... as you've said, it can't be found. What fight and why did it happen? By chance, you think it's okay to ask the author to let you drop a link to it here in the comments so that those that want to try can and it won't draw the ire of all those people that fought with the author? I mean, what could have happened to cause *that* kind of reaction. I mean, wow! Again, I don't know anything about this "fight". ^^"

      I should bookmark this thread. Lots of good recommendations here. :)

    8. Damn, I can't remember that comment, I will just have to pretend it was really funny, then, and feel good about it anyway. :D

      The Rad Science thread was locked, after there was a bit of a fight between the author and some of the forumers. It started because the author didn't want to upload the game on hosts other than Mega, and some people couldn't dowload the file from it. The author didn't want to budge, and people got mad pretty quickly because they didn't fully understand why he wouldn't want to. He had problems with being wrongly flagged on other hosts in the past, but since he was also against other people handling mirrors, people started throwing an hissy fit. He got mad and pulled the game from the public sight after a few heated exchanges between him and a few other persons. I sent him a PM asking if the game was still worked on, and if it was possible for me to have a link, but I have yet to hear back from him. I doubt he would be willing to have the link public again in any form, even if he was okay with me playing the game, since he probably wants to have a strict control over whoever plays it from now on. It's a pity, because the game was shaping up to be really good, and I don't know if it will ever go public again (heck, I don't know if I'll ever get to play it again at all, at the moment).

    9. I see. Well, that's too bad.

  3. I'm glad you are open minded to some references, suprisingly some authors are not. The crossover is still just an idea but I think you would approve. Once I figure out that branch of the story, I'll put together a test demo and send it your way in 2015. I would also like to have references and some possible crossovers to several other Fictionmania/MC stories and TF/HC games including some of those you listed. I just need more free time to write.

    1. I can't imagine references, easter eggs and such to be a negative thing (I actually have a few in my games, and I honestly didn't even think about asking for permission, since they are minor things compared to the whole game, tributes more than anything else). I could imagine why someone wouldn't want to have people make games set in their own universe, though: you don't want to have to deal with an "expanded universe", so to speak, and with competing games while you are still working on yours, for example.

      I wish you good luck on your project, I am always happy to hear new games might be coming out. :D