Monday, June 09, 2014

Some news for you all!

So, here is an update on what I am working on, as usual (but I still can't seem to get into the weekly schedule I'd like to use, my apologies for that):

Do you remember the assassin Mr. Nice Guy sent after you if you didn't deal with him properly after the kidnapping? Maybe you don't remember her, since she would spawn as a random event in Kantor, assuming your choices didn't scare off Mr. Nice Guy for good, so the chances were a bit on the low side. Well, now you have 2 more attempts to your life on different planets, which should make for some more interesting consequences, based on how you deal with him.

Also, I started working on finishing Malena's romance, which involves working on the "extended ending" I talked about several times already, where you'll get to play for a while as her slave, if you don't try to put some effort into resisting her, at least a little. I believe it will be fun to play, once everything is said and done (the idea is to make it as sexy as possible, so it should make most people interested in it ^_^). I am unsure if I should expand the romance some more before presenting the crossroad, but knowing myself this is probably just my usual paranoia at work, which always tricks me into tweaking stuff that is already planned. I'll make a final decision once I get all the scenes written, including one more romantic scene if you don't give in to your inner slave, and keep dating Malena in a somewhat balanced fashion, that will act as the final scene for this chapter, as far as Malena is concerned (I might add some side events and maybe a sex scene or two, but the romance wouldn't really progress beyond that point).

On a completely different note, I managed to snatch myself a copy of RPG maker VX ace, during the last humble bundle, and I am experimenting with it. There are a lot of cool things I like (and some I don't like as much), and I might decide to release a small game in the RPG maker engine, in the future. We'll see how things go, right now I am still figuring out all the kinks of the designer, but I already wrote a couple of scenes which I think are fairly sexy (I tried my hand at it to see if I could adapt to writing shorter scenes to fit with the way RPG Maker displays text, and I believe they were up to standard). I don't know how many people would like yet another RPG Maker game, but since I don't plan any big projects with it (at least for now) I believe it will be interesting for me without being too demanding.

Anyway, this should wrap things up for the moment. As always, ask me any questions, especially if you think I am forgetting something I should let you know about. Until next time! :D


I almost forgot! The web version went through a revision again, and it should work as much as you can expect from it (which is to say, playable, but buggy), the link is the same, and it's been for a while now, I just forgot to write about it on the blog (sorry! >_<).


  1. I also managed to get the bundle on the last day. I haven't tried it yet, as I'm a little apprehensive about it. I am missing a few things from the Steam version though, and I contacted them to find out where they are. Haven't gotten anything back yet though.

    1. What are you missing? If you are talking about the DLCs, you might need to add them to the tilesets yourself (they are in a separate folder, they aren't automatically added to the resources).

    2. Its some of the DLC bundle Items. I got the steam versions of RPG Maker VX and normal RPG Maker. Most of the other items from the DLC Bundles can be downloaded onto steam but I'm missing like 4 pieces in total. They are available for normal download but not through steam. I got a reply back from the people who do Humble Bundles but it didn't really answer my question, so I sent another to re-clarify. Hopefully they'll be able to tell me whether I need to download it normally and manually put them in the Steam version or it doesn't work with the Steam versions.

    3. Some of the files are not provided as Steam DLCs. I know for sure at least two files are not for me, and I didn't get the full bundle, so there might be more DLCs you can't access that way.

  2. Awesome! Becoming Malena's slave is at the top of my wish list.

  3. YEAH! I was hoping you would extend the Malena story. I would love to see the end as her slave!

  4. The idea is to finish ALL the romances, and I'll probably use Malena's to get an idea on how much content each of them should have.