Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Work! Work, damn it! Stop fighting your creator!

This is another minor update to hopefully fix whatever bugs I still have left in the game. You can grab the update here:


I have also found a way to make the web version slightly better (which is to say, at least you can play it, now!). Thanks again to lig for helping with this. You can download it from here:


And this is pretty much about it. No new content, as I have the tendency to add more bugs in the process, and I would like to finally have a stable version, before moving forward. If you find any bugs, pretend you didn't... Well, ok, let me know, but be aware that you'll probably destroy what little humanity I still have in me! :p


  1. Moar words of gratitude and encouragement!

  2. Bah if you had any humanity left you'd have gone and ended the great anime review draught of '14 by now. :p