Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quick update

So, just a very quick report. I am working on the game, even if the usual visits to and from relatives are taking away some time. I come up with a nice gameplay mechanic for the main-quest, which I am happy with (I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but now I have a more detailed plan, which is always nice).

Also, thanks to Alx, I now have an opening screen for TOTDC! Here is the image (you will also be able to find it in the "fanart" section):

Doesn't it look awesome? ^_^

Also I got a 10€ donation from A.P. (thanks a lot!), which is fattening my virtual wallet (until I inevitably waste it on something stupid, as it's customary for me by now).

Anyway, I wish happy holidays to you all! Next time I should have a more substantial report on the status of the game, so stay tuned! :)


  1. That. Is. Indeed. Awesome.
    --Crazy Length Post Guy (Why don't I have a profile yet?)

    1. Because you are actually as lazy as I am? Maybe more, considering I eventually made one (but I have the excuse of the blog).

    2. Hmm. (Toys with the idea and swishes it around his tongue for a thoughtful moment and finally reaches a verdict.)

      No... It... just doesn't sound quite right.

      Funny, that response below since I just recently (as in last night) watched a Vash, the Stampede movie--Trigun: Badlands Rumble. It was fairly decent. I liked it and you can (depending on the language) definitely tell some familiar VAs.

      In other news... So far, I have yet to be confronted in person about my Death Note art. I wonder if people have forgotten about it? ::Makes sadface::

      I promised a story or something before didn't I? How about something short? Hmm, let's see. Ah! Okay so, it's a little past the mark, but a few weeks back a friend o' mine has this wee~ little boy and he was just jamming and headbanging and whathaveyou. He was just shaking his head, I mean. Nothing bad, but there wasn't any music either; so, it was a little weird to see. We didn't think much of it at the time. The next day, he comes strolling around without a care in the world (he's like four or very nearly five) and stops near us. So we set our cups down and we all look at each other for a moment. He's just standing there with this strange, blank stare. "'Sup." I say to the kid and then he immediately and violently starts shaking his arms and his head and then runs away. Err, okay then. Whatever. Kids, right? The following day, he comes up to his mother, myself, and some of our friends and just stands there, once again. "Okay, okay. What's going on? What's the deal here?" (This is getting way weird right? We're all puzzled by this behavior.) He puts his finger to the side of his head a moment and then thinks about an answer to give us. Finally he answers (or something like this), "I'm being filled with the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS!!! (He literally yelled that last part at the top of his lungs... and, of course, we're out and about in public.) Rubbing my ears I ask him something lame like "Okay, so is that why you were stopping and acted like a rockstar in front of us?" "Yup! It starts at the head and goes further down my body as we get closer to CHRISTMAS!!" His mother asks "So, where are you now?" He points to an area... right between his legs. "I CAN SHOW YOU!!" "Nonono!" we all yell "It's okay! You don't have to show us!" and we proceeded to hurriedly get out of Dodge. "But-but the Christmas Spirit..." he wails on... ^^"

    3. I don't think he managed to beat "the awful 50 puns per post guy" from while back though...

      Close, but not quite crazy enough. :D

      Also, Happy new year mdqp! Hope life's treating you good.

    4. Happy new year to you as well! Life is being its usual self, not too good, not too bad. :)

  2. Buongiorno! (It's morning over here..:P)

    So with all the exciting stuff coming up, I was just wondering if the little side things would be given some attention in due time, like the numerous hot ladies that Celeste encounters but never gets to sleep with.

    Starting with Cody, the nice lady that helps us out all the time but never seems to get any... "appreciation" from our heroine. I think that's a bit rude, don't you? :P

    And then there's Shay, who should surely be out of a job in Kantor after what Celeste did. The scenario would surely be up to our intrepid storyteller, but I would put down moneydollars, MONEYDOLLARS, for such a scene. Incidentally, who is the model for Shay anyway?


    1. It's morning here as well (now :p). Anyway, to answer your questions:

      Cody will keep getting the cold shoulder from Celeste, at least for now. I imagined Cody as the only one that would always get rejected no matter what, despite not having any flaws to speak of (it's not her, it's Celeste XD). Maybe something different for chapter 2 might happen, but for now that's how I am going to play it.

      I have been thinking about having Shay return for a while myself, but I'll have to think how I want this to work. I have a few ideas, though, just wait and see... :)

      Are moneydollars better than DOUBLEDOLLARS???