Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reduce the bugs, increase the quality!

That's my motto (at least it is during the week after a closed beta)!

I took care of some of the bugs (there were fewer than I thought), and changed/improved some things here and there (I modified a mini-quest to be more interactive and sexy, for the joy of everyone, and I changed some of the mechanics in another scene, to avoid Celeste acting a bit out of character).

I got a bit of conflicting reports on the difficulty of a certain part of the quest, and I decided to leave it as it is, for the moment, and wait to gather more opinions before tweaking it (I think it's fine as it is, but then again, I am the author, of course I believe it's fine the way it is).

I also added some other minor things, but the important stuff is the bugfixing and the changes to the scenes I mentioned above).

I think I might tackle another relatively minor thing, next week, before moving onto some more complex stuff: I'll finally add something to do with the sexy lingerie you can buy on Europa 4. This has been going around for a LONG time (as far as the first public release, I believe), so it's no wonder a lot of people ask me about it. Since it's very much a secondary issue, I ended up post-poning the work on it for a long while... Well, not anymore! I think it will be involved in 3-4 scenes, but I'll wait until I actually write these, before talking about them.

After that, I'll do more work on Verania, making it feel more like a real planet, and on the first of a series of quests that you can get there. Then I'll have to decide if I should work on the romance with Piper, Jane's side-quest or improving Kantor, since it's still rough around the edges.

As you can tell, I still have a lot of work to do, and it will be a long while before another public release (I am also writing this because a few people thought I was going to make a new release soon, so I thought I'd clear that up).

As always, stay tuned! :D


  1. "post-poning"?
    So its fair to say that keeping the current pace and staying foaly on track the next release will prove quite stable,
    unless one listens to a neigh sayer ofcourse.

    But we can expect them to have a balefull attitude so it might be a little foalish to do so.

    1. If you had managed to cram one more pun into that one, my head would have probably exploded! XD

    2. Woah Woah WOAH are you implaying this was barley a challenge?

      I had a nagging doubt about adding some mare but trutfilly I had to reign it in and stop horsing around as I almost went hoarse as is.

      Now then stop baying for time tell me to buck off so you can pony up, hoof it and have it bagged and we can ride this new version for all its worth.
      'cou(r)se the mane issue is that all this delaying is a real nightmare.

      Anyhew I better make like a colt and bolt - as all these puns are getting you off track and then who'll bale you out?

    3. I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you since you were horse.

    4. What did I unleash here? I'll have to double-check each of my posts, from now on, or else this madness will never end! XD XD XD

    5. Well the idea was to make you laugh but if I improved your grammar that's just the icing.

      But seriously don't worry too much about foaling to spell - just get back in the saddle. ;)

      @Vindicare Why sir no need for such coarse manners, I mean, way to put a brand on someone. :D

    6. well so long as we dont roll around the hay, Im good.

    7. This is just offal..

      Then again you whinny some, you lose some;
      Maybe you're just pasture prime.

  2. Hehe, Anonimo1 is so creative.
    I give him 10 points out of 10!