Saturday, January 12, 2013

Postcard from Verania

So, I wrote the introduction to the new part of the main quest. I must admit I am not completely satisfied with it right now (that's why I have been postponing writing something on the blog for so long), because the scene is a bit too text-heavy, as it has to explain a lot of the background. I will probably need to change it a bit, but it will do, for the moment. You get to meet and talk to a few of the characters that will play an active role in this quest, I have expanded the map a little bit more, and I believe I should be 100% done with the picture hunting, at least for the main locations and the characters.

I have yet to get back into this at my usual pace, but the fact that the first draft of the scene doesn't meet my taste is slowing me down, as I keep getting back to tweak it, and it's kind of tedious, since I can't quite pinpoint what I should change... Oh well, for the moment, I will just keep pushing forward, and I'll get back to it with a fresh look on things, hopefully that will be enough. :)

As a side note I can't believe this, but I got yet another donation (21 Australian dollars from Checkered5... Thank you, buddy! :D ). If this keeps going on, I could really start to think I am going a good job with this game, after all... ;p

Anyway, things keep being busy in the real world, but probably my next post will be more interesting/exciting, as I will start working on the important stuff of the quest (gameplay mechanics, choices, that sort of thing).


  1. Hey there mdqp, longtime player, love the game!

    Just thought I'd let you know, I showed Fenoxo (of Corruption of Champions) fame, about your game, and he's given you a link to your blog here on his!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Yeah, when I saw the link I was quite surprised, and I wondered who did it... I believe you actually doubled the number of my potential players, so thanks for doing that! ;)

  2. Can you give us the names of the 3 main girls? I mean their real names. I looked around but couldn't find anything.

    1. They are all listed in the Hypnopics forum (

      Celeste Star (Celeste Blake)
      Sandee Westgate (Darenzia)
      Tiffany Thompson (Jane Koll)
      Piper Fawn (Piper)