Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another late post...

...Because progress is being slow. If you have been following me for a while, by now you should know I tend to wait to write a new post until I have something to talk about. This week, unfortunately, very little was done. My PC was down for a couple of days, I am studying some more for another exam, and to top it all, I decided to invert the order in which certain parts of the quest I am working on get presented to the players, so I didn't expand the content of the game by huge leaps and bounds (I did find the musical theme for Verania, though, and added the track to the game, while also adding some more dialogues/characters to the planet, and doing some more work on the structure of the quest). I hate it when I keep remaining behind the schedule, but that's the current situation, I guess I shouldn't stress too much over it...

On the bright side, my paypal account got yet another donation, 30 US dollars from T.S. (I sent you an e-mail, as I usually do for all donors, be sure to check it out! :D), so I am happily on my way to become a major player in the "vaporware" industry, considering how little progress I have done lately, while raking in money... -_-

Next week should still be a little slow (I'll try to do more work on the game, anyway), but things should pick up the week after that, hopefully, I won't always have obstacles piling up like this (crossed fingers).

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