Sunday, December 23, 2012

Back to work!

So, I have started working again on the game! I actually was waiting to see if I could start writing about something exciting, but things got a little slow, so I guess I'll just report what little I did so far... ;p

I am working on adding Verania, which means move forward the main quest, and also finally give you guys some answers about the encrypted note you find when trying to escape from Mr. Nice guy (I always get a LOT of questions about it, so this should make a lot of people happy! ^_^).

I am basically done with the design for the main area of the planet (there will be another area separated from the rest, as part of the main quest, but that one isn't planned in details yet) and the picture hunting is about 90% done, which means I can actually start working on adding the map to the designer. The planet itself won't be too big (it's a small colony, after all) but it will have some interesting ramifications, since I can finally start to work on some choices and consequences I wanted to add in a while (nothing too huge, but I am sure people will like this one).

This should also introduce the first real choices that will affect directly what happens to Celeste at the end of the game, so it will be kind of a big deal, even if the planet itself isn't exactly huge.

After this, I believe I have to work on some more loose ends, and possibly add more side-quests, work on some items (I am going to add something for the sexy lingerie thist time, promise!) and start Piper's romance. If things go well I will also add one of the quests related to the crew of the Drunken Cowboy (these aren't main quests, but depending on how you play, might also affect the ending, and will surely have a huge impact on the characters feelings toward Celeste, so not doing them might have undesired side-effects). It's all still far away, though, and for now the priority is working on Verania.

And now let's talk about the donations! You guys are really, REALLY, amazing. I know I tend to underestimate myself a little, but I can't believe what I am doing really deserves the generosity you are showing to me. This is all the more significant to me, because as free donations, this shows directly how much you value my work on the game, and even if I say so way too often, I am really at a loss on how to tell you just how much this means to me. Here is the list of donors, and how much they gave me (I don't know everyone's nicknames, sorry):

buster 45 US dollars;

Q.M. 10 euros;

jabajack 20 pounds;

B.B. 25 dollars;

 I am a huge success all over the world, apparently! ^_^

And this is all, for now. I still haven't given up the idea of writing the post about ME1 & ME2, but I didn't feel inspired these days, so I postponed it (man, I really have the lousiest schedule in the world for keeping up a blog), but the plan is still there, staring at me with disapproving eyes.

Next, week, I will hopefully have a more "meaty" update, once I get back to work on the game more often.


  1. I just fund out about TotDC, and it is the best Adult game, I have ever played. A strong story and the game is not over sexual(like almost every adult game is).
    Thanks for making this. I hope you will make many more updates, Happy new Year // Yak

    1. Thanks for your compliments!

      Yeah, I try hard to do a decent job with the plot, so I am happy people seem to like it so far! :)

      Happy new year to you too, and thanks for taking your time to post this comment, as an author I am always happy when people let me know if they like my game. ^_^

  2. I cannot wait to see more. I am loving this game! Happy New Year.

    1. It will probably be a while before the new release, but I'll see what I can do, to not keep you waiting too long. ;)

      Happy new year!

  3. Checking this page regulary, is there some ETA of the new version?

    Anyway Great Job and Happy New Year!

    1. No ETA right now. I work on this project in my spare time, and I learned that I can't reliably foresee how things will go (both in my life and during the programming of the game), so I don't try to guess when the next release will be, unless I have done roughly 90% of what I believe should be part of the update, and even then I try not to be too optimistic, to avoid any troubles affecting my time table.

    2. I forgot to add: Happy new year! ;)