Saturday, December 15, 2012

Killing bugs

As I said, I didn't really do much work on the game at all, but there were enough issues to need a quick update to deal with them. I took care of the following bugs:

  • Now you can talk again with the patrons and with the bartender in the nightclub if you fought with Blackthorne or left your job with Charlie;
  • The syringe you can find during Jane's path while escaping from Mr. Nice Guy should work properly now, when you give it to Celeste;
  • Fixed a few issues related to the jewelry (wrong displayed picture for the clerk, incorrect price for the matching rings):
  • Celeste now "remembers" what actually happened, and doesn't believe she slept with Piper anymore ^_^;
  • The romances now give you a warning once you reach the last scene I planned, so you know you can't go any further with those;
  • Fixed an issue with the flute on the "temple side-quest" (I really need to come up with a name for this one!);
  • Fixed an issue where the game "believed" you were on Janus, after you got back from Kendrick's mission, which could have caused a minor problem if you tried to go there afterward (simply trying twice would fix this, but it might be confusing when it first happens). 

This should be everything, I guess, but maybe I am forgetting something (if you reported to me and I answered to your message, it should have been fixed, even if it isn't on the above list). I'd say those problems aren't big ones, so you can avoid downloading this version, especially since now you know about them (no sense in losing all your progress, just for some minor bugs). Of course, if you haven't downloaded the old version, this is the best one around. :D

Here is the link:

On a side note I have received 2 more donations this past week! 15 US dollars from alako and 40 Australian dollars from kleana (thank you guys, you are really awesome! ^_^).

I always have the nagging issue I am forgetting something... -_- Oh, well, nevermind. I have updated the links here and on the Hypnopics thread (the current version is now 0.6a), but it might be a while before I update the file directly hosted by the Hypnopics Collective, as I need to pass the file to them first, and I want to make sure there aren't more bugs (which means you'll be the lucky one to try out this untested version! Aren't you happy?).

Edit:  Uh, guys? I made a little mistake in the currently updated version, and now you have the "travel sphere" in the inventory. It's my debug tool to test a few things within the game. Do not use it if you are making a serious playthrough, as that might screw-up quite a few things, but you can have some fun with it, I guess (it was a mistake, and I am not going to leave it available in future releases, but since I forgot about it, you might as well enjoy it).


  1. Ciao MDQP!

    No don't kill bugs, it's plain wrong. Squash them, nail them, bite them? bug not killing here. IT's wrong *giggle*

    Love to see the commitment you put into the game, I'll download it anyway :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: You forgot to visit my blog, it's was my birthday! a couple of days ago!

    1. Happy birthday! (yup, I hadn't checked out your blog in a while). You are younger than me! Should I start to bully you? I feel like older guys always bully younger people, but I don't know if I am up to the task... Maybe you should bully yourself, you probably know your weak points better than I do... ;p

      You started to advertise your game, too? Sounds like things are starting to move... ;)

  2. Can I touch the Travel sphere? =]

    1. Damn it! I forgot to remove the debug tool I use... Now I'll have to re-upload a new version?!?

    2. Awww, don't be sad. I think it's a good idea to have some kind of debug tool for a second play though. You can lock the travel sphere in a combination lock which player can only access in the beginning of the game. Then, reveal the password at the end of the main quest. It will make things much easier for people who want to see everything. Just take out the teleportation functions so it won't break the game so easily.

    3. Well, I decided to leave it as it is, for now, so people can have fun with it (and I won't have to re-upload another version) but know that it can screw things up, so always save before using it (otherwise you are going to miss events or trigger them in the wrong order, or who knows what else).

  3. Hi,

    thanks for this nice update (and the previous one)! As always really enjoyable.

    Best wishes and happy Holidays!


    1. I am happy you like it, and took your time to comment about it here! ^_^

      Happy holidays to you too!

  4. Playing though my first time on this, I love how decisions can come back to bite me =p.

    I am having a little bit of trouble can anyone help, is there any way to upgrade the VR to play the advanced combat and meditation simulations?

    Also can we increase Cel's mental resistance above 5 to allow for more sexy shenanigans =)?

    1. Yup, there is a way to buy an upgraded version of the VR (you must have bought the house, gone to visit it, and then you must upgrade it by going to a shop that deals in that kind of stuff, as you need a room big enough to contain the VR system).

      5 is the current limit, I will add more ways to recover MR over the time, but for now there are just 3-4 ways to do it, if I remember correctly.

      By the way thanks for the donation and yes, I do listen to quest ideas, if you have them, and listening to yours is the bare minimum I can do, since you were so generous!

      If you want to talk some more about your idea, the best thing would probably be to send me a PM over the hypnopics collective, if you have an account there, or send me a mail at my e-mail address.

  5. Hi, I'm trying to play your game, but I'm having trouble getting it to work. When I try to run it, it says "Sorry, this RAGS game file is unreadable". Is there something I'm doing wrong? :(

    1. I believe it's simply a problem with the download (I had a few people reporting this problem before). Did you try downloading the file again?

    2. Hmm, "Sorry, this RAGS game file is unreadable"

      I tried downloading it again, but no change. Is there perhaps a problem with RAGS? It says something about making sure that .net is up-to-date, but as far as I can tell mine is up to date. I'm stumped, unfortunately.

    3. Unfortunately, I am not the developer of the RAGS engine, so I can't be sure if it's a problem with the engine itself, but since it seems to work for all the others, I would exclude it's a problem with RAGS. Did you try it on other RAGS games? Did you check if you have the latest version available ( Do you have more than one version of RAGS installed? I am sorry to ask you to do this, but could you also try downloading the file again? If nothing works, you might try to report this to the RAGS forum, maybe they'll know how to help you.