Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy halloween, I guess?

We don't actually celebrate this holiday, in my country, at least not in the way the USA does (and I really have no idea on how it works in other countries), so I am going to sidestep the issue of writing about something I have no idea about, and move directly to the current status report.

I have basically finished the quest (I just need to think about what kind of reward I want to offer the players for one of the possible endings of the quest, and write the text for it, otherwise, everything else is done). It become a little longer than I previously thought, to make up for the fact that the first part is very linear. Once The testers get the chance to try it, I will see if it was a good idea or not. I also come up with a new mechanic, involving cracking electronic doors. If the testers find it ok, I might add it here and there in the game, outside of this quest (for now, it's temporarily presented as a one-time thing, just in case it doesn't meet the taste of my testing audience). After this, I have to add more to the relationship system, and then I'll see what to do next (by that point, it might get a new closed release, maybe, but I have to decide yet).

For now, though, I will rest a little: I think I got an headache trying to figure out the best way to make this final part of the quest work, so now I am going to find a mindless activity to occupy myself with until I recover... How come there is never a political talk show, when you need it?


  1. Most certainly looking forward to this update!, Not to mention we are all getting to that time of year... (Christmas) where our MDQP Santa Claus might have something special for all of us? ;)

    1. Well, the idea is to make a public release at least 1-2 weeks before Christmas, but that all depends on how things go with the development (I am getting close to working again on relationships, which usually means a lot of searching around for pictures, and even more time to write something that isn't garbage).

      P.S. For some reason, Blogger thought that your post was spam, and removed it... Do you think it was "Christmas" and "Santa Claus" that made it go bonkers? :D

    2. It is certainly very well possible!

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  3. Why is it still so far till christmas?

    Anyway, if vou ever need testers let us know.

    Or better yet make some kind of contest with the prize being an early release version. Hehe.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Christmas, like all holidays, is cruel, as you wait for them the whole year, and when they arrive they are already over before you know it... ;p

      Should I ever need new testers, I'll make sure to let you guys know. :D

      A contest would be an interesting thing to do, but I have really no idea what it should be about (also, I am not sure that having access to my buggy closed beta would be a good reward, after all).

      I'll do my best to make a good game... Hopefully, it will be enough! ^_^