Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

So, I have done some work on the game. I finally got around to test the side-quest I finished working on last week (and ironed out a few bugs, although I am sure more will appear once the testers will get their hands on it), and I started working on the new one. I think I am about halfway done (it's not really complex, at least so far, but its setup needs multiple steps, so it takes a while to take off, and needs a good amount of writing). The plot is coming together nicely for this one, and I think you'll be able to appreciate the choices and consequences this quest will bring you (although the quest itself will be linear, for the most part, the choices involve its possible resolution).

In other news, I will probably be a little more busy this week and the next one, so I will slow down a little, but I hope to finish this quest anyway, and maybe do something for the relationships, if I manage to save some time.


  1. So, how does one become a tester?


    1. RLC as in randomlowercase? If that's the case, I already answered that over the thread on hypnopics, but just in case, I am currently overbooked already, so I don't plan to add new testers to the team, for now, sorry.