Monday, October 08, 2012

Yo dawg! I heard you like status updates...

...So here is one (I didn't feel like using that meme all the way to the end, sorry)!

 Anyway... I finished the side-quest, and it should be fully functional from beginning to end (I still have to test it). I still have to add a few touches, and decide if I should place a little reward if the players do really well (although being awesome it's always a reward in itself). I am debating if I should also add ALICE's usual nonsense that you get while walking or if you are brave enough to talk to her directly. I feel kind of conflicted about it, because I feel like doing this for every side quest that has a different location is going to be a real pain, but I can't leave it as it is, so maybe I will come up with something generic to use whenever the player isn't in the usual planets/zones. While I think about this, I will also try to come up with something more for Malena (I have a couple of ideas already, but I'll have to see if it's enough for her, or if I need to add more).

After that either I start working on Piper, or I start another side-quest (I am not sure, yet).

On the super happy side, I got another donation! 20€ from A.B. If you read this and have some ideas/suggestions that you would like to see added to the game, let me know (through a PM on the hypnopics collective, or at the same e-mail you used for the donation). I can't promise anything, but I don't mind trying to get something done as a thank you for your generosity.


  1. hurray for status updates!

  2. Sorry for bringing this up again... but would it be possible to include in a few side quests the option that if Celeste mental resistance is low, Alice would force her to dress in some skimpy clothes, instead of the regular ones.

    You could use the same 2 sets of clothes - normal and not normal for all of those to reflect how much Celeste has fallen down from her usual self.

    Of course i understand that actually making the quests/planets take priority.

    Also if you need assistance writing new stuff or ideias let me know.

    Best Regards, and great work as usual.

    1. It is certainly possible... Altough Celeste "corruption" is represented by an hidden variable, while the mental resistance lets you know how quickly ALICE is affecting you (basically, it affects your "mind decay" during travels), so I'd have to decide which variable to use to monitor this, though.

      Dressing "lightly" would be fine, as it is something relatively small and inconsequential (I can't have ALICE control Celeste too much, otherwise it would mean that ALICE already won), I just have loads of old stuff to finish, before moving toward something new. Also, I never added a real clothing system to the game, because I feel they are a lot of work for little to no reward, so I'd have to figure out how I want this to work.

      If you have a new idea, send me a PM over at the collective, so we can discuss it, like last time (this is open to everyone, I am always willing to discuss ideas and suggestions, here in the comments, and on the collective, either in the thread or through PM).

  3. Im glad to see that im not the only one who thinks your efforts and creation is worth donating to.

    Thanks again for bringing this great game to us MDQP. Unfortunately i havnt been able to check out what you sent me do to lack of time, i should be able to get around to it here soon.


    1. I should be the one doing the thanking, you are really too generous with your donations.

      Spare time can be a luxury, I know it very well, so take your time (but let me know what you think of it, once you get to play the game! -_^ )

  4. I love this game (and I guess you by default).

    Any ideas on when we can expect more? Or must we wait for your muse to motivate you properly?

    1. It feels good to be loved! Now I am all warm and fuzzy inside! :D

      I have honestly no idea on when I will make a new release. It all depends on how much time it will take me to put together enough content for a new release. I don't like making an update for every single thing I add, because that forces player to wade through the same content over and over again, It can be tedious (I know it is for me when it happens).

      The next status update will be up soon, anyway, so I'll give you more details on what I am doing when I write the post. ;)

  5. First of all - thanks for great game. Second - sorry for my bad english.
    Few ideas:
    1. about clothing - i think u don't need to add it like a some "system" - how about u just make this - celeste speak with alice, and if mental resistance is low enough - she thinks = a more sexy clothes could be great, then BAM and just change a picture of celeste.=)
    2. talk to alice - i think it's very important. Let's think that alice at some point more accomodate to virus, and thinks more logical. Then maybe celeste can speak and agree with some of alice thoughts.=D Accomodation can be in form of some rare software, which is reward for some quest.=)
    3. Don't make too much bad sex ends please.=) I think we all love sex, and for me - turning celeste in slut step by step is more interesting then BOOM she was drugged = sex slave = end.=D

    Hope my english wasn't too bad=)))

    1. Don't worry, I am not a native english speaker either(what's your first language, by the way?).

      About the clothes: yes, that's more or less something that might happen in the game, I have to think about how to make things work, though.

      I can't give too much spoilers, but let's just say that ALICE might get some of her old charm back, when I get around to work on chapter 2 (A really long way to go, since I have yet to finish chapter 1). For now, though, she will stay the way she is, I need that for a reason.

      I must admit I like that too, but given how I wrote the story, I am kind of forced to make it happen during bad ends. I might work on making the endings more... Interactive, though.

      Your english was clear enough, don't worry! ;)

      I hope my answers will satisfy your curiousity.

  6. My first language is russian, by the way.
    Yes, answers are pretty clear.
    Now i will think about some more ideas, and if u interested, can share it with you.=))

    1. I am always interested in new ideas, so I would be happy to hear again from you! :)

    2. Glad to hear it. Okay then.
      1. How about this - Celeste got a request to fly at one little planet with only wild life on it and capture some rare animal for collectionaire, but besides this animal she could find strange plant, which will intoxicate her and *ahem* rape, of course.=) Two pathes then - destroy plant (but she will need to find something to resist plant's "charm") or took plant on her ship in special room.=)
      2. I really enjoyed special encounters while u just randomly exploring streets, just want to see more of them.=))
      3. Event - Celeste drinks tooo much or use some drug and get unconscious, giving alice a chance to control her body, next morning could be veeeery interesting.=)
      Phew, okay, now i need to work a little or my boss will kill me.=)))

    3. I think Celeste might have to deal with some "interesting" plants, sooner or later, and a mission to retrieve a rare animal would be good. The resolution might be different, though, it depends on what I come up as a background for this specific planet/mission.

      There will be more random encounters, as I add more planet, and I might also add more to old ones (but I don't know if having too many of them crammed in a single location might be bad, so I'll have to see how things balance themselves out).

      She kind of already has some adventures, if she gets too drunk (and there are a few more to come), but I guess a situation similar to the one in "The hangover" movie could be fun.

      Don't risk your neck for me. My game can always wait, but I guess your boss isn't as forgiving! ;)

  7. I'm not risking too much, my boss is kinda nice lady.=)))
    Can't really understand, but at home i can't answer to posts.=/
    So i will share all ideas from work.)

    1. About mental resistance - it didn't catch my attention, is any event require a specific number of points of MR? Anyway, yes or no, but i think that 5 point at start is too low - they could flush away in 3 minutes.=) Maybe make it little more for some crazy guys who don't like sex?=)))) speaking seriously - it can be great instrument to control number of random encounters, their hotness ad some other events maybe.
    2. About that illusionist man - is there any way to defeat him/ i mean not to transform in obedient slave bitch and get some items? If not, how about adding a route to do it?=)
    3. Read what you said about transformation on hypnopics - i very appreciate that you don't want to use different pictures for single character, but i think some events involving holo-belt from Rough landing could be very nice. I don't mean Celeste could wear it all the time, but maybe on some planet...=) Anyway, i think u already thought about it.=)
    4. You definitely should add a scene with ship crash landing on some planet - classical!=)))) Amazon tribes, Epic Ancient Artifacts - Yammy!=)))))
    5. Btw, about Epic Ancient Artifacts - how about 1 bil years old robot girl?=))))

    1. 1) Currently, you don't have events that are related to MR points, you just get a game-over if you travel around with a low MR for too long. The problem with having MR-related stuff, is that the penalty should involve scenes that lower MR, so once you get low MR, you keep lowering it further and further, until you inevitably reach 0. Some scenes might be connected to MR, but they will be just a few.

      2) You can't do anything about him, except avoid him. I kind of like the idea of an impossible encounter, so I don't know if I'll change it.

      3) Well, the holo-belt is something from Rough Landing, which isn't my game, so I don't think I will use it. Celeste might use disguises once or twice, though. Some things might happen in this regard, but I am still unsure on the specifics.

      4) Something like that is kind of planned since a loooong time, but I don't want to spoil things until I get around to work on this (there are a few hints in the game, though, but they are rather cryptic).

      5) If we talk about aliens, maybe, but I'll have to see if it fits with my current ideas for the lore. There is quite a lot going on in this universe, behind the scenes, and Celeste might get to take a peek, during her journey.