Saturday, June 16, 2012


 Version 0.5b is up. It fixes:

The illusionist scenes not working properly;

The monorail not working properly;

A problem with Darenzia remaining in the station after you leave at times;

Rags crashing from time to time when you got drunk (I am not 100% sure on this, but it should be fixed);

Some typos.

I will change the link in the sidebar, too.


  1. I see this bug is not fixed. I get it all time.

    Door to apartment 205 - Ask Anderson for your money back
    You'll give him some more time, he probably hasn't got enough money to give you yet.

    1. That's not exactly a bug, It's just that it takes too many travels, so maybe you didn't try that. You must travel 4 times before he saves enough money to pay you back (currently, there aren't enough planets to visit, so that's probably a little too high, but in future versions that shouldn't be an issue anymore.). Let me know if it works.

  2. You can´t travel to another planet because you get all time a message from H. to deliver him his money when you go out the spaceship or to the spaceship (sure when you got drunk you are on the spaceship you can´t leave it) and you go to jail and the Game ends so you can´t do nothing when you get this !!!

  3. Replies
    1. You get to ask Anderson for his money if you help him (you get another option if you are athletic, otherwise, you are forced to agree to help him). This means that you must give your money to Hamlin, and then Anderson will give it back to you afterward.

      You must go to Hamlin, before trying to leave. If you don't have enough money, you must get a job to cover for that, and if you wasted all your money and don't have any jobs you can complete... Well, it sucks to be you.

      Note that Hamlin plans to pay you with some of the money you recover, so you only need 400 credits of your own to cover for him. Considering how you can get a surplus with the other tenants, the actual sum you need is even less.

      Now if you get drunk and remain stuck as a result, that's a bug, as I hadn't imagined that scenario happening. I'll think of a way for fixing that.

  4. Hi,

    i played several hours yesterday but encountered only one tiny bug:
    If you placed your little hamster friend into its cage and get him back, the right-click-option of the cage still lets you take him back, although the hamster is on Celeste's shoulder.

    Very good update so far, keep up the good work (at a healthy rate) and thanks for this game :)


    1. I am glad you liked it!

      I also fixed the bug you mentioned. ^_^

      I might make another release in a few days, to make sure that the available version is as bug-free as possible.

  5. I really like the way you did the save the bar quest, although i wish you had let us a choice (foolish) of actually trying to kick the mobsters.

    I have tried to get drunk many times, but all the aftermaths are bad... it would be great if at least one of them led to a side quest :)

    Just my two cents, great game.

    1. Well, since you can already lose during dinner (if you don't have the 3000 credits), I didn't feel like adding another bad end.

      Drinking rarely leads to good outcomes (though one can always have fun like that! ^_^), that's why I added the patrons in most of the bars. That way, the bad of the drinking is in balance with the gathering of rumors. A few positive outcomes will be added, though, but the majority will remain bad/neutral.

      P.s. Are you magma from the collective? The one who inspired the scene with the mobster? In case I didn't thank you already, thanks for the idea, it was fun (although I ended up changing a few from the original suggestion because it wouldn't fit as much with the setting I had in mind)!

  6. Indeed, it was a very good adaptation of the quest, also i enjoyed the "trial of mercenaries" as well :) well done.

    This is one of the best open ended rpg made in rags, thats for sure. :)

    1. Eh, eh, thanks! :D

      I don't know if I would call it open ended, though, as there are still too many limitations in the player's way (since this is a one man project on RAGS, I know I can't possibly do much more, but still...). At least I can try my best to make it a good game! ;)