Thursday, May 31, 2012

Step by step...

Soooooo... I am making progress in the second quest (I think I am almost done, unless I change my mind again), after a period of slow development due to being unable to decide the best course of action (lately, I can't seem to take a decision and stick with it for too long). The good news is that I have now a couple of good ideas for the shops, which should help speed up the process these days. That's it, nothing really exciting happened this week, that's why I waited this long for the status update. Luckily for you, chaosrevolver/encounterblitz is in good shape as always, and he sent yet another picture for the fanart gallery, so you can at least appreciate his work, if mine remains currently unavailable to you!


  1. Keep up the good work :) I enjoy both the game and the fan art.

    1. I am glad you enjoy the game and the fan art (encounterblitz will be happy to hear about it)!

      Things are moving faster, now. I am basically done with the second quest (it isn't particularly long, and can be bypassed entirely, if one wants to, but I wanted to make it good, so it ended up being relatively complex, from the developing side). If I am lucky, I'll have the shops done within a day or two, and then I can do some more interesting things.

      Still no deadlines or anything, but at least things are starting to look brighter, now.