Monday, April 16, 2012

Who wants a status update?

And it was finally a decent week for the game! I got the planned quest done (I am just debating if I should add a bad-end, but everything else is in place. Hell, I even added something that wasn't in my previous plans!), and started working on the second one (I have put together another mini-game for the occasion, hopefully it will keep things varied enough in the gameplay), as per schedule.

This second quest won't be fully present in the next release, as it would take too much time to make it (as I told you in the last post) but the first half will be there, and it will introduce the situation to the players (it will be a "normal" mercenary work of sorts, but I won't spoil its content here). After this quest is done, I will test the new things that I added, to iron out the most glaring problems, and then I will send this version to the beta-testers (there is a lot to be tested, so I am guessing a week will go by with them reporting tons of bugs, while I work on expanding the game). The release is getting closer, but there is still a lot of work to do, and choices to make (for example, there are a few things that are already in the game, but that are more or less placeholders, until I can start working on them. Do I delay the release to finish them, do I leave them as it is, or do I temporary cut them off the game for the release? There isn't much, but a few things are definitely there)...

In the meantime, I keep getting ideas for another game. I started taking notes, to avoid forgetting the good ones, but is seriously starting to bug me. If it keeps haunting me, I might just put together a micro-alpha-thingy, to see if people might like the concept, but all that would have to wait for after the next release of TOTDC, anyway, and it wouldn't get any love until I finish TOTDC, so it might be a teaser, more than anything.

P.s. I just noticed that I forgot to add tags to the last post, I'll fix it as soon as possible (not that anyone really cares, but once I have seen it I can't ignore it...).

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