Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Let's talk about us, shall we? (a tale of faqs and polls)

Where do you think this relationship blog is going? I mean, for the moment, I simply kept my old schedule, the one I had on my thread on the hypnopics collective, of releasing a weekly update on the status of the game, which is all fine and dandy, but I think that a nice blog would need to have something more. I already asked for your suggestions in my first post, but didn't get that many people to comment. Maybe this is trying to cheat, and I should try to come up with things myself, but what I would like to know is if there are things that you would like to hear about (the games and their development, or even about myself) that I didn't cover up until now. Was there something you wondered that wasn't answered all along (but no spoilers on the story... At least not big ones)? Do you think there are a few questions that deserve a FAQ? Do you want to hear something more about the project I have for the game after TOTDC? Do you want some more involvement in the game development (as in, I make a list/poll of the things I want to implement next, and you vote to decide the order I'll have to put them in game, so that you'll be able to give me some input in what gets in the next release for sure, and what can wait)? Let me hear what's on your mind!

P.S. I can proudly announce that the game has now more than 500 pictures in it! Now I know why I would like my next game to have no pictures in it, the picture hunting is killing me... ;p

P.P.S. Would you like if I put together some reviews of videogames that had some MC-content in them (I am not talking about games done by amateurs like myself, I mean full fledged videogames) from time to time? While there are almost no games with a central MC-theme at all, there are thousands of games that have certain amount of it in them...


  1. I avoided commenting because those tend to turn into "add more furries plz" things, which ... no.

    That said, from a "where I think this game could really shine" is by creating opportunities to show the decent into bimbo-madness. And how do you do that? By contrasting how you'd normally expect something to go, with how it goes now that you're not - quite, thinking straight.

    Oh, and more chirping from your AI. :)

  2. Honestly think your going on the right track atm so I avoided commenting.
    I agree that the AI should have a little more teeth/interactions with you. Its something thats always in your head and you can't shut it out.

  3. I think I have been neglecting ALICE a little too much, so she'll have to get more attention by me in this release. It's just that sometimes it's hard, since she interacts only with Celeste, but I can probably do more with her (and I might add scenes involving the others, too).

    As for the slow fall into slavery, that's one hard issue to tackle. Should it be reflected in each dialogue? Does it mean having a second version of almost each dialogue? The problem is that I made Celeste as someone who is fighting the "evil AI", and if I don't replace all the dialogues, things might appear weird (one line she is all for enslavement, in the second one she is fighting with all she has). I might make her slightly more "malleable" near the end of the game (the end of the first part, at least, as the game is planned to be split in two parts, it would be too big otherwise), but that's it.

    I was also thinking of adding some "slut" dialogue options, if she falls too much (something like, she offers sex to solve a situation, realizes soon afterward what she did, but it's too late to fix the situation... A "Why-am-I-doing-this?" kind of option), since right now she only gets a bad end, if you drag along things too much... But this is all something to think about once I have enough planets in place to make it a real choice for the players to risk one more travel or to do just the essentials.