Friday, April 20, 2012

A new release (for my beta-testers)!

So, I have put together the closed beta to test what I have done so far. Without giving away too much details, I can tell you this much:

A new district (still empty, mainly, but there are a thing or two to see);

4 new quests;

New items, shops and NPCs;

New mechanics and events for the drinking system (now you can gather rumors, by trying to befriend the local crowds);

Some improvements to the interface;

Some nice things for your home;

Other miscellaneous stuff I can't remember.

As I said before, now I should work on the new planet, and probably on the inevitable bugfixing that will come with this release... Hopefully, 2 weeks will be enough to wrap this up, and get a new public release.


  1. 2 weeks?! I think I cannot wait that longer, release it damn it!!!

    And that was my poor attempt at making a string of thoughts into my mind while reading this.

    from your previous post you said if you should do MC-Related articles... So I'll say yes, please, I'm interested in hearing more about them. And with your particular sense of humor it will be a pleasure to read. btw New Npcs? :D

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. Yeah, I know, the announcement was too mind-blowing to organize a coherent thought after reading it! ;p

      I thought about doing these short reviews, because I know many full fledged games with MC content, that are quite good games, I thought that they would fit with the theme of the blog, and I could talk about something I like (I love videogames, always liked them since I was a kid). As for the NPCs question: is that something like "I don't know what an NPC is" or a "Wow! More NPCs? I love them!"? If it's the first one, an NPC is simply a "Non-playable character", all the characters that populate a game without being under the direct control of the players. If it's the second one, I am happy you are happy! :D

    2. Spiace Mdqp I think I already know what a NPC is grazie mille ;)

      No I was being hooked for that, because you said, you would put someone hooked on latex. Just daydreaming... if you allow me. I want to create a caption based on this universe, not sure when but I clearly want to :)

      Ouh and I think It would be great if there would be TG in your game at some point. :)

      And yes please, do reviews, as you may know games I don't and clearly you are up to the task of doing so!

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    3. Well, nunca se puede saber (did I get it right? ;p)! Sometimes people play only these games, but not videogames in general, so better safe than sorry! :)

      TG actually is in the game, now, though it doesn't affect the main character (are you happy? :D)

      Reviews will pop-up as soon as I finish working on this version, and I'll be able to relax a little (I already know the first game I am going to review!).

    4. Well we prefer to say "nunca se sabe" ;P.

      I'm happy :D

      And please let it not be a Mass Effect review, not the third, I still have to play that one!. haha

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra