TOTDC (incomplete) walkthrough, version 0.6

Thanks to Ouro from the ULMF forums for this one! ^_^

Tales of the Drunken Cowboy Incomplete Walkthrough (A MORE COMPLETE VERSION CAN BE FOUND ON THE WIKI ):

A: Starting out

A.1 Traits

This trait helps with any sort of strength check missions in the game.  It will help you chase down thiefs, win arm wrestling matches, and even increase the bonus of a quest reward late in the game.  It also boosts your starting HP by 5.

This trait helps you with puzzle checks and overlaps a bit with smart (it also gives a small bonus to damage).  Nothing too great here.

A similar choice to perceptive.  Not an important choice, either.

Well, since this game IS about sex, sexy is almost always available during choices and actually opens up some sex scenes.  Pick this up if you want to see more options.

Doesn't appear to be that useful.  It only appeared as a choice in one mission for me (small bonus to damage rolls).

Of the five choices, athletics and sexy are the most important, the third is a toss between perceptive and smart.  Lucky doesn't appear to do much in this version of the game.

A.2 Basic Controls

All actions are done through mouse clicks.  Anything under Room Objects, Visible Characters, Inventory, and has a green border around it can be right clicked on to bring up more options. 
For combat, you right click on the target and select engage in combat.  Once in combat, right click your portrait and select any of the options there.  Remember to switch to bypassing ammo when dealing with enemies that have high shields and low health.

A.3 Tutorial Mission

Once you have control of your character, you must find a way to the mission objective.  There are two people you can choose in order to leave the room.  The woman becomes a mission giver while the man makes a quest easier and allow you to buy a grenade later on.  Afterwards, talk to the person left.

Without smart of perceptive, the maze directions are W > S > E > E > N > N > E.

B: Main Game

B.1 Europa 4


You run into her by moving around in the Downtown area.  Accepting her advances means you won't be able to date Jane (maybe Piper) later on.

Death Horse - Pub
Buying rounds for the patrons will open up lots of new quests.  I suggest doing this whenever you have spare money.

Safara - Celeste Blake, Errand Girl
Talk to Patrick Hamlin to get this quest.  You must deliver the briefcase to the casino in the Entertainment District.  You must use one of your flashbangs or have the athletic trait in order to complete the mission.  If you take too long, Patrick will no longer give you quests.  You can also buy some weapon upgrades and a health boost form his shop.

Docking Bay - Forth Law of Robotics: Destroying Warehouses It's Okay, Go For It!
Going back to the Docking Bay will start this quest.  Accept or you will lose the quest.  Search the rooms for evidence and confront the boss at the end.  No sex scene.

Walk around Downtown and you will eventually get 100 credits stolen.  If you have the athletic trait, you will chase down the thief for an easy 300 credits reward.

If you have the lucky trait, you can find 200 credits lying on the ground while walking around Downtown.

Monorail (only if you are sexy)
At some point while riding the monorail, a molester will attack you. Not resisting will decrease mental resistance by one.

Red Light District:

Nightclub - Hitting a New Low
Ask Lisa about the bouncer job and talk with the owner.  You can choose to talk the bouncer job, work as a waitress, or work as a stripper (requires sexy).  You will meet an acquaintance with the last two options and using violence will stop you from working at the club in the future.

Titty Twister's Alley - Piper
The first time you arrive here, a prostitute will be in trouble with a customer.  If you help her, she will join your crew later on.

Commercial District:

Jester's Bar - Bodyguard(?)
Talk to the bartender and then James Carlile.  Accept the quest and then talk to Veronika.  The answers are blue, 99, and memories.  Failing results in some lesbian action and a marriage game over.

Random event.  You can fantasize about one of the dancers to reduce your mental resistance by one.

Book Store
You can raise your mental resistance by reading some books (one can also LOWER MR, so be careful).


If you have the sexy trait, you can get hired as a model for a photoshoot (300 credits if you agree and an extra 200 credits if you also agree to do naked pictures). You'll get to see the results on a billboard in Kantor's Mall (if you bother to search the name of the brand before and after the photoshoot, you'll also see a different extranet result).

Three-card Monte

A man is being cheated in 3 card monte. Helping him results in 200 credits.

Entertainment District:

Watch the Illusionst's show and accept to go on stage.  When you leave Celeste will comment on feeling strange.  Go to the Residential District to find out why.  If you continue, the chain of events ends with a hypnosis game over.  If you have this event activated, Celeste will go to the Residential District on her own after enough time has passed while on Europa 4 and will eventually lead to a game over.

Shark Club - Casino
Try to get into the VIP area and the bouncer will turn you away.  Walk around the Entertainment District until you run into a drunk couple.  You will overhear the woman tell the man the VIP password.  Enter the VIP area and you will find three people arguing about who should become the new president of a certain club.  Head outside and Mr. Callahan will stop you.  If you have the Sexy trait, you can get 1000 more credits if you vote for him.  Head back inside and Miss Allen will stop you.  If you have the Smart trait, she can reduce all VR and Holo-glasses upgrades by 50% if you vote for her.  Go into the VIP room and Mr. McGraw will be waiting.  If you have the Perceptive trait, he will give you a flashbang if you vote for him.

Residental District:

Neumann's Apartment - A Dish Best Served Cold
Talk to Ashley and she will give you the quest to tract down her cheating boyfriend.  Search the computer in his apartment to find out where he is.  Once you're at the club, talk the bouncer to get in.  Asking him what you can do to get in and then doing it will reduce your mental resistance by one.  When talking to Alexis, options 2, 3, drink cocktail, 3 results in a successful mission.

Patrons' Quests (and other oddities):
Geoffry Fenty - Spy Vs. Spy
You will find Geoffry in the Residental District.  After accepting his mission, you will be taken to a house.  Going the direct path results in a BDSM game over.  Examine the front yard and go through the open window.  Search the rooms as you go. If you have the Electro-Baton when doing this quest you can use it to solve a puzzle (it's probably best not to do that, though, as it makes noise).  You can't do a thorough search of his house while attempting to not make much noise.

Orlando - In the Dragon's Lair
Ask Lisa in the Red Light District about him.  Once he gives you the mission, call Tony and ask for help.  Find Jens White in Downtown.  Head to the Police Station and find Detective Hill.  Seducing him leads to sex.  Once you find Parad0x, you can attempt to seduce him.  It will end in failure unless you have the Athletic trait.  Arresting him will allow you to join the Dragon Guild (not implemented in this version) and letting him go turns him into your own lacky (he appears to generate money and may have other uses later).

Jay Kendrick - Uncle Jay Wants YOU!
Find him in the Commercial District.  Your first test is gunplay.  Targets will appear on the main screen one at a time.  Click the directional button associated with where the target is on the main screen to score a hit.  Score every hit and you will earn a 500 credit bonus.  Next is a fitness test.  With the Athletic trait, you can pretty much sprint the whole way.  Otherwise, sprint, pace, pace, slow, sprint works.

If you take too long for this mission, the ship's engine explodes and you fail.  Take the short route for the first option and get ready to fight.  use the movement keys to line up the crosshair and press the out button to fire.  To reload, press the in button.  You must reload after every shot.  If you take too long to finish off all of the creatures, it's a mind control game over.  For the second part, select the option to cross but watch out for dangers (if you are perceptive).  For the third portion, select the option to look for another path (again, perceptive).  Lastly, when you're on the ship, use the explosives on the door.  Grab the mission objective and win. 

Michael - Information Broker
Appears in the Downtown bar and helps you with a quest later on.

Sleep With Random Guy
Get too drunk in Downtown.

Get Arrested
Get too drunk in Downtown.  Be nice to him for some BDSM action.

Lesbian Orgy
Get too drunk in the Red Light District

Stripper Game Over
Get too drunk in the Red Light District, in the Death horse pub and in the Jester's bar (not necessarily in this order) and always agree to strip.

Arm Wrestling
Get too drunk in the Commercial District and arm wrestle a patron for 100 credits.

Work In Hotel
Get too drunk in the commercial District and say you will work for her.

Mission - Hunting Ray (part 1)

When hunting Ray you can choose to talk to Holly at the Death Horse pub. When attempting to leave you will meet Bob who has a lead. Go with Bob for $300 or for free with Sexy trait. When confronted with the shielded door break it down with an ECM grenade or hack with Alice (-1 MR). During the fight use the shotgun & bypass ammo unless you have high health + weapon upgrade.

As a reward you get the info about Ray & Nessa as well as a gun you can sell for $800.

 Head to the Red Light District and the Titty Twister.  Talk to Madame Trixie and she'll let you into the antechamber.  Ask Nessa about Ray and find out he's left the planet.

B.2 Kantor

Kantor is a small planet and doesn't have much to do compared to Europa 4.  The Hi-Tech Equipment Store sells a shield modulator for 3500 which is pretty good.

Talk to Bernadette and ask her about Ray.  Tell her you'll do her a favor then ask her what it is.  Go northwest and north to enter the Neptune.  Choose whatever option you want and tell Justin you'll barter your services for the missing money.  If you select the first choice for all of the options, then you'll be rewarded a 400 credit bonus.

Mission - Hunting Ray (part 2)
Return to Bernadette and head south into the cargo bay.  Sneak past the guard (athletic needed). Head south and check the map in the control room.  Head all the way north and check the content of the crates.  Head into the mines and do some exploring.  There is a lake, swimming in it randomly gives you an item you can sell for money.  Head to the Nividium Depot.  If you are Smart, then you can sabetage the multi-purpose mech.  Otherwise you have to fight Ray.

The Lonely Mermaid - Bar:

Single Dad
Getting too drunk here and Good Guy Russell takes you inside to let you sleep it off.  Do it again and his daughter plays strip poker with you (you losing of course).  You may have to examine Autumn first before the strip poker event occures.  There may be a relationship storyline here in the future.

Bikini Girl
Get too drunk and a woman in a bikini suit will walk in.  You can fantasize about her to reduce your mental resistance by one.

Shady Guy
Get too drunk and a man will approach you about an after party.  Accept and you'll wake up to the police raiding the place.  You are placed under arrest and sent to jail for drug possession.  Game over.

B.3 Returning to Europa 4

Upon returning to Europa 4 and exiting the Drunken Cowboy, you are ambushed by Mr. Nice Guy (from the tutorial).  You are captured along with your friends.

If you have the Sexy trait, you can seduce the guard in order to escape.  You can also have sex with him and may require a lower mental resistance.  Once you're out head west into Cell 1.  Search the room to find a small note.  the code is "the falcon is on verania search the turtle".  This opens up the mission, "Celeste and the Tortoise... I Mean, the Turtle".  Head east into the Guard Post.  Confront the cyborg head on and wait for it to charge first.  Head north and search the Security Room for your stuff.  Head south and search the Armory for a Electro-Baton.  Head north and unlock the steel door in the corridor.  Climb the Stairs.  Now you have the option of controlling Darenzia or Jane for the escape.

Darenzia Path:

Darenzia has a lockpick mechanic.  Attempt to open the wooden door and then use the lockpick on it.  The correct options are down > right.  Head east and use the drugged needles on the guard.  Search the room and take the fire extinguisher.  Head all the way east and search the empty office.  Use the lockpick on the metal box.  The correct options are up > right.  Take the keycard.  Head back to the room with the guard and them south > west.  Take the toolbox.  Head north > west from the guard room to reach the elevator.  Attempt to call the elevator and then head back to the guard.  Drag him to the elevator.

Now you're in the living quarters.  Use the lockpick on the door to apartment 02.  The correct options are up > up > up.  You will see a henchman upon entering the room.  You will get a sex scene if you try to seduce him but will end up caught.  Hide in the closet to pass this check.  Head back out and east, do not enter room 03 as you will automatically be caught.  Head east again.  Drinking three times with the man in Apartment 05 will result in a game of strip poker and you getting caught.  Instead, drink twice and then stop.  He will pass out.  Search the room and take the small security key. Exit and head south.  Unlock the security door with the keycard and enter.  Use the key to open one of the lockboxes for 500 credits.  You can then attempt to pick some locks which results in triggering the security system.  Head back out and west.  Search the room for the elevator key.  head out, north, and east for the elevator.  it is probably best to get caught as you get a large relationship boost with everyone at the end.

Now we transition back to Celeste.  Run away from the drone and then head west.  Examine the bathroom.  Stopping the elevator causes you to get caught so continue to the 20th floor.  Head east until you run into the turrets.  Having ALICE help you will cause your mental resistance to go down.  Prepare for a fight and head east again.  If you've upgraded your weapons, most of these fights are a joke.  Throw an ECM grenade at Boris to strip his shields, and then just go to town with your weapon attacks.  Head south to confront Mr. Nice Guy.  Beating the crap out of him will cause a -2 to the relationship of the captured crew members but will put Mr. Nice Guy away (the escaped crew member must not be caught, otherwise you'll miss a way to reduce ALICE influence over you. To activate it you need to speak with Darenzia after you escape).  Playing it safe causes a +2 to the relationships but Mr. Nice Guy will send assassins after you.

Talk to Darenzia about repairing the Electro-Baton and head to the electronic store to buy some batteries.

Jane Path:

B.4 Europa 4 (again)


Safara - Who Am I, Rocky Balboa?
Patrick will give you another mission when you talk to him.  Your job is to go to the Residential District and collect money from deadbeat tenents.  The Athletic trait helps with the first tenent, Lucky helps with the second tenent, and Sexy with the third (prostitution). 

Residential District:

Alexis Smith
Our old friend Alexis, though "he" is somewhat different.  Accept the mission from him and grill the Geneco Manager.  Once you have control head west and search the storage room.  Examine Alexis' body.  Head out and east and examine the nurse.  Head out and northwest and tell the doctor about the smoking nurse.  Take the nanites pill.  Head out and northeast and search lab 2.  Head out and north to the archives.  Head back out and west and search the body for clues.  Head back to the archives and search for the file.  Head back to lab 2 and use the console.  Exit to meet the manager again.  I believe if you have the lucky trait, the mission just ends.  In my sexy, smart, and perceptive playthrough, there was the option of seducing the manager in order to get back into the archives.

B.5 Kantor (again)

The bracelet Steve gave you as a quest reward early on was a trap!  Celeste is now missing on some unknown planet.  The adventures of Darenzia Jane, and Piper starts now.

Head north and you will meet one of the natives.  If Piper is in your party, she will attack the man, otherwise, you have to kick him in the balls.  Head inside the cave until you find the metroi-I mean weird animal.  Ask jane what to do and she'll mind probe the guard.  Ask Piper what to do and she'll seduce the guard, then take the flute.  Head back outside the grab the herbs.  Use the herbs on the weird animal.  Keep heading north and you find out what happened to Celeste.  Once inside the city, head west.  Examine the workbench and try to take the golden plate.  Put it back and search the area with the Remora.  Use the arc welder on the android and take the golden plate.  Head back out and continue north.  Call the elevator and a mini-game begins.  The correct path is north > north > down > down > west > west > down > south > south.  Try to open the temple door and then ask Jane what to do (or use the 787613 sequence to get it open without help).  Continue on until you find Celeste.  Piper caves to the mind control but throw the drugged needle with Darenzia and you make it out of there.

B.6 Florence

Florence is a space station.  Head into the waiting room and wait.  Enter the office and you're greeted with a tentacle robot.  If you are Lucky, you guess the right security password, otherwise you have to fight.  Head back south and the security alarm is triggered.  Head east and examine the door.  Examine the cargo loader and get inside.  The correct combination to start the machine is 1 > 3 > 2 > 5.  Head northwest until you meet Ashlynn.  Help her and enter the lab.  Search the lab and then the datapad.  Talk to Ashlynn to leave.  Search Dr. Kiefer's ship and head north.  Now head NE > N > N > N > W > N.  Get rid of one of the mercenaries and prepare to fight the other.  Enter the ship the complete the mission.

Note: if you explore the canyon, you can meet a hamster and take it with you (eastmost part of the canyon).

There's also a secret hideout on the west side of the canyon in florence. If you get the night vision chip from the VI on florence you can find a keypad password is 3579. There doesn't appear to be anything of note on the main floor but in the basement there are three rooms you can only loot from one of them. The east room has a flash grenade. The North room has a medkit and the west room has a sellable "Starfire" rifle. After you've taken an item a trap triggers and the rooms become inaccesible with a new route to travel.

Once you've returned to Florence, head south and talk to K-9 for your reward.  The first option gives a +5 boost to health while the second one gives a 10% chance to dodge attacks (20% with the Athletic trait).

B.7 Random Stuff

If you get high enough relationship points with Jane, you can eventually go out with her and take her on dates.  But if you sleep with Malena, she'll end your relationship even if you choose to break up with her and stay with Jane.

This appears to be it for now.  Let me know if I missed anything.


  1. "Without smart of perceptive, the maze directions are W > S > E > E > N > N."

    Well, that's nice. Except it doesn't work. W > S shows a new door, but going through it or not EENN just doesn't do anything. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is being stuck in a game's TUTORIAL?
    It's lacking a > E from the end. Maybe the door was named into something else, but damn it, after a thousand clicks it's not like anyone reads those dots.

    1. You are right. I wasn't the one who wrote the walkthrough, and while I gave it a quick check, I might have missed that error, I'll fix it right away. It's been a while since I got stuck in a tutorial, so I don't remember too well how frustrating it is, I am assuming it's only slightly the worse than getting stuck elsewhere in a game, though... ;p

    2. Will there be any gender options at the start of the game?

  2. If you go to Florence and do the mission there before going back to Europe 4, you can find a Hamster in the most estern part of the canyon. The little critter will help out by taking out the automated turrets when captured by Mr. Nice. :)

    Also not sure what triggers it directly I got it after the mission in Shark club when you decide who will own the club. In the comericla area (I think) you will run into a photogrpaher who needs a model for an add campaign. It pays 300 cred, or 500 if you agree for a nude shot. The dd can then be seen in the mall on Kantor.

    1. Eh, eh, you found Boo, I see! :D

      To get the photoshoot job, you must have the sexy trait, the scene itself is a random event you get in the commercial district.

      Thanks for pointing this out, I'll update the walkthrough ASAP.

  3. In the commercial district, there is a man being cheated in 3 card monte. Helping him results in 200 credits.

    1. just wondering if there's a walkthrough for your older games like Blanked or Through Hard Earned Trust?

    2. There is one for Blanked, somewhere on the Hypnopics collective, I'll try to dig it up (It covers just one of the many available paths, though).

      I am not sure about THET, but I believe the thread there should have all the answers, anyway (the game is small, and not all that complex).

  4. Alright, I'm having issues with this. I'm stuck on the ship until I raise the 200 credits and I can't find an exit anywhere, and therefore can't continue past the first tutorial mission. Is there something I missed?

    1. You should be able to use the holo-glasses in order to call Tony, the guy who got you the first mission (the text should inform you of this). He will give you some contacts on the planet, to allow you to raise the money. You should then be able to leave the ship through the cargo bay. I hope this helps.

  5. When hunting Ray you can choose to talk to Holly at the Death Horse pub. When attempting to leave you will meet Bob who has a lead. Go with Bob for $300 or for free with Sexy trait. When confronted with the shielded door break it down with an ECM grenade or hack with Alice (-1 MR). During the fight use the shotgun & bypass ammo unless you have high health + weapon upgrade.

    As a reward you get the info about Ray & Nessa as well as a gun you can sell for $800.

    1. Thanks for writing a better description of what you need to do in that part of the quest. I updated the walkthrough.

  6. There's a secret hideout on the west side of the canyon in florence. If you get the night vision chip from the VI on florence you can find a keypad password is 3579. There doesn't appear to be anything of note on the main floor but in the basement there are three rooms you can only loot from one of them. The east room has a flash grenade. The North room has a medkit and the west room has a sellable "Starfire" rifle.

    Once you've taken an item a trap triggers and the rooms become inaccesible with a new route to travel.

    1. Thanks for writing this, I'll update the walkthrough right away! :D

  7. This really needs an update since the new planet opened up.

    1. Can't say I disagree with you, but it's not like I have an official walkthrough writer. Hopefully, he'll update his walktrhough, so I can add the new bits here (of course, anyone willing to write one, or send me text to update this one, is free to do so).

  8. MDQP, I'd be willing to do a new one from scratch. Would you want me to host it on my site, or send it to you (and in any particular format)?

    (También, ya que hablo español tan bien como un niño de tres años, siempre que tengo la ayuda de Google ... Espero que me golpeó el botón derecho.)

    1. That would actually be awesome, thank you! You can host it on your site, if you want, but I'd still need a copy to upload (any format is fine, I would just copy/paste it here). By the way, what's your website's name?

    2. My e-mail is:

    3. Well, I'm glad my joke about spanish v. italian and me being a "dumb american" wasn't taken the wrong way. :D

      I don't have a domain for my "adult related" style projects yet, but I'll email you with proper and we can get things worked out. :D

      After I made that post I realized that making a wiki style site for the game may actually serve to be more helpful than just a walk through. So, I think I'll go with that once I get a proper domain name for things I don't want showing up in my "real world" life. ;D (Americans and their lack of acceptance of sexuality. tsk.)

    4. Well, I wasn't sure if you were making a joke, or if you actually thought I was spanish, so I just skipped answering that part altogether. ^_^

      Real life is a harsh mistress, I guess. Take your time, I am already very grateful that someone would thought to do such a thing at all (a wiki sounds amazing, honestly).

  9. Hey mdqp, I'm having some trouble here with the abduction mission, it seems I can't use the drugged needles against the boss, its getting annoying. Is there a bug or is it working?

    I'm using the 0.71 version, since the 0.72 seems to crash when I use it.

    1. Did you use the needles before? Darenzia only has two of those, so you can't defeat the boss, if you used them up. Basically, the boss needs at least two "shots" to be defeated, and between Darenzia and Jane, you have 4 "shots" at the beginning of the mission.

      Did you try re-downloading the 0.72 version a second time? Does it stop working right away or in the middle of the game?

    2. Ok I'll retry. Uh as for why 0.72 doesn't work, it says unreadable.

    3. Let me know if it works. By the way, did you install RAGS using the .exe file or the .msi file? I heard the .msi seems to have some problems, so it might be worth checking if that's the issue.

    4. Nope Exe, but I had to switch between older versions because 2.4.14 wouldn't work with some games. I kept deleting and reinstalling the version, might have had a slight problem because of that.
      On a side note, I had one needle left for the boss fight, problem is it doesn't work. I throw the needle and it drops to the ground, and the option doesn't appear for Jane and then game over. No idea why that occurs.

    5. The option doesn't appear for Jane if you already exhausted her two "shots", do you remember if you used her powers to solve multiple puzzles before getting there?

    6. Ah sorry for not responding quickly, got caught up. It seems there was a small bug on my end which made the game loop into game over. That was sort of annoying.
      And I fixed the 0.72 version it seemed the download was cut short by 12kb, I have no idea why, but it seemed to be the cause of the mysterious game crash.

    7. If the game ever loops again into game over, let me know. It might be a random bug with RAGS, in which case there is nothing I can do, but on the off chance that is a problem with the code, I can try and deal with it.

      For some reason, RAGS files might have some problems, when downloaded. At least, it seems that a good chunk of people have this problem where the download isn't completed, from time to time, but I have no idea why that happens.

  10. I need directions for investigation report to Kora Laverick, I always seem to get the place to explode, I somewhat steered thru last time I played (I remember the dakris-drakis? ambassador setting up the bomb and running (which you catch her)), but I can't find the correct answers to this time, I'd like to be able to catch her even before she set ups the bomb

    1. Let's see: your report to Laverick also depends on what you did (and afterward told to Kora) during your investigation of the mine. With this being said, the general idea is that someone sneaked hacked robots into the mines, used those to disable the cameras and destroy the mine by using the explosive charges stored inside, without ever setting foot into the mine herself.

      By the way, the actual culprit isn't the ambassador, but Kora's assistant.

  11. where would one find the keypad code for the lab door during Jane's escape?

  12. oops nvm got it I derped

    1. It happens. The good thing is that you didn't get stuck! ;)

  13. hello there,anyone here knows how to upgrade the vr?

    1. You must have bought a new "home" on Europa 4, and you must renovate it, before you can buy an advanced VR system (the thing is big, it wouldn't fit on your ship ^_^).

    2. how can i buy a home?in what district?

    3. In the commercial district, you can find a guy named Max, you get a short scene when you meet him the first time, it should be hard to miss.

  14. Here's another walkthrough, different layout. Might be easier to read. Still incomplete, but growing.

    1. Once this grows bigger, I'll probably end up just leaving a link to the wiki (although maybe I should keep a copy myself, just in case?).

  15. Um.. What 0 MR actually do? I've lowered it and traveled to L-something planet, but still no gameover happened. Or do I need to travel several times?

    1. Basically, if you are not at full MR, you slowly start to succumb to ALICE. The lower the MR, the faster you fall. When you have reach certain "milestones" you get some warning scenes, also, your descprition changes a little when you examine yourself. It all happens during travels, for the sake of convenience and ease of coding, but you need a few of them before a bad end triggers.

    2. I see. Thanks.
      One more thing bothers me. When I quicksave at choosing point during dialogue (before actually making a choice) and then quickliad, the game loads not at choosing point I've saved at, but after end of dialogue with a choice made like last time.
      Can you fix that or at least make it so quickload would restore game before start of that dialogue?
      Sorry if my English made it hard to understand..

    3. I think that's a problem with the RAGS engine, so I can't really do anything about it, sorry. :(

  16. A couple of questions here: after you've enlisted the aid of all 3 people from the main quest, does anything happen, or is that not in the game yet?
    Second, in the return to Europa 4 quest, I've been unable to leave the building with Daerenzia - the path back just isn't there, the only options are the two apartments that lead nowhere. I can't get near the lift, I do have the pass for it.
    And finally, I tried to max the relationship with piper, but didn't get the message that I did all the content like with Jane. I couldn't get her the rings either. How far does that one go?

    1. 1) That's where the main quest ends, currently. Once you are done with all 3 of them, you would enter the final stage of the game, but it's not in the game at the moment.

      2) Could you be more specific? Did you check all the apartments, unlocked the doors (If I undestand where you are, there should be at least one lock you can pick), examined the rooms to see if you find some extra items?

      What do you mean with you can't get near the lift? What's there?

      3) I think all the romances had warnings when you reached the end of the content. Did you receive a message on your hologlasses you didn't read, perhaps? Also, sometimes certain scenes unlock during travel, but to avoid having 10 scenes play out one after the other, only the one with the highest priority plays for each journey, so you might have to travel a bit to unlock the new content.

      Sadly, I don't remember exactly where the romance ended, because in the version I am working on all the romances are done, and I didn't keep any notes about the public version, sorry.

    2. 2. I checked everything. The problem is that the pointer to move north just disappears when you try to steal the diamond ring from the safe. You can't get to the room with the elevator without moving north, so I'm stuck.

      3. I've checked the messages, I got the VR show and done it, and I've traveled around. nothing.

    3. 2) I get what you mean, now. Stealing the ring is very risky, and you can only pull it off if you managed to find the control unit on the previous floor, and checked the system for possible escape route. If you did, you can find a ventilation duct in one of the apartments to use in order to escape, by searching the room.

      If you didn't, though, you'll have to leave the ring behind. Also, failing with Darenzia doesn't block the game, so it's okay if you can't get out of this (if you really want to, you'll have to reload a previous save file, I am afraid).

      3) Then that's probably it for the content. Maybe I had misplaced the warning in that version, but as I said I am not 100% sure, as I didn't keep notes for it, sorry.

  17. wtf is wrong with "Spy Vs Spy" puzle ?!
    i tried all of the variation
    AND NONE works wtf ???

    1. wiki show other numbers,but in-game lights show in that order.

    2. It should be 1412325, the game specifically warns you that you must insert the sequence backwards.

  18. OH i get it lol
    i thought backward is like mirrored LOL like 1 = 5,4 = 2
    fuk me dumb :<

    1. i never thought of that because it was TOO easy,so i just assumed there is a catch and never thought of anything so obv.

    2. Eh, I do mess with my players, from time to time, but this wasn't one of those times. :p

  19. I already have the bracelet from Darenzia and 23 points with her. How much do I need for the next confrontation?

    1. Unfortunately that's an unfinished feature. I'll have to work something out (she isn't going to be a romance, but I'd like to have some scenes and maybe a small reward if you "max out" on your friendship with her). The romances kind of took all of my focus, and I ended up neglecting Darenzia. :/

  20. Well apparently I cannot travel without triggering an ALICE bad end. I have 1 MR. Is there a way to prevent this and to be able to travel again ?

    1. If you are on Europa 4, you might "cheat" and save/reload spam the results of the drug that causes you to dream until you are back to 5 MR. If you are not on Europa 4, you might still be able to raise your MR enough to avoid triggering the end for one more travel, jump to Europa 4, and do the trick above, but I would need to know a lot more about your situation, and it might not be worth it anyway (it might be that you reached a point where only full MR might avoid triggering the ending).

    2. I combined this and the embassy's relaxation room to get my MR to 5 and now I am able to travel again.
      Thanks !

  21. Hi mdqp

    Love your work, and looking forward to a final release. I've been going through the game (V0.94) examining the various story outcomes and branches (I cheated a bit and crawled through the files of the HTML version to see what there was),and there's one branch that I'm not able to find. There are references to Cel becoming a boss' made, and I was wondering how to reach that point in the game.


    1. Do you mean Boss "maid"? That's the mission you get if you become part of the Falcon group (how to become a member is mentioned in the walkthrough as well, just ctrl+f for "falcon" on this page). To do it you must also NOT be part of the Dragon Guild (Dragon Guild and Falcon membership are mutually exclusive).

  22. When I go on a mission from Kora to seduce an ambassador in a party, blackbone shows up to ruin everything!
    I just can't finish this mission because whatever I do, I get a game over by blackbone. Is this the end of the demo?

    1. No, the game is actually finished, if you downloaded the latest version. To get past that encounter, you need to avoid resisting too little OR too much, and balance your way through the scene.

  23. I was wondering, are there any plans to finish/update the walkthrough now that the game itself is finished?

    I know I and I'm sure many other people would be really grateful if you did finish the walkthrough :D

    1. As I imply in the opening, I am not the author of the walkthrough, I just made the game. ;)

      I welcome anyone who wants to submit a walkthrough to contribute, though. I have heard a few people talk about working on a complete walkthrough over the years, but for one reason or the other nobody managed to finish one so far.

    2. Do you think it would help motivate people if I was willing to put out an actual bounty (money reward) on whoever is willing to finish the most complete walkthrough? We could sort of make it like a competition in honor of the game's anniversary or something.

    3. Well, I think there will be more people interested in writing a walkthrough with a reward of some kind, but I honestly can't say with certainty. If you really want to, let me know, and I'll try to make it known to the players.

    4. Sure, would you be willing to judge the walkthrough and make sure it's thorough (Kinda hard for me to know if they're BSing since I haven't 100 percent completed the game O.o)

      Also should I give the money to you (to let people know that I'm legit) and you can give it to the winner or should I just give it directly to the winner?

    5. Sure, I could take a look at it and see if there are obvious things missing or incorrect entries.

      Honestly, I think you should be the one to give the money, to avoid issues with it changing hands too many times (by the way, what method would you use to pay the prize?), that can cause problems if something goes wrong and we need to roll things back for whatever reason.

    6. Paypal is the only method I know of of how to pay someone. And sure I don't mind just directly paying people. What do you think, twenty American Dollars seems like a fair prize for someone to write up a walkthrough?

    7. That sounds pretty generous to me, considering people usually do them for free. Let me know if/when you are ready, and I'll try to make the announcement as public as possible.

    8. I'm good now :D Feel free to let people know and if they have a walkthrough ready they can just post/link it to you somehow :D

    9. Okay, I'll make a post about it soon (I'll use Nobody235 as your nick, I assume that's fine). I'll probably post it on the Hypnopics Collective and the TFGames sites as well.

    10. That's fine, and thanks again for doing this. I really do appreciate you helping this Nobody out :D See what I did there, I made a funny (points if you get that reference :D)

    11. Just wrote the post, I still need to share it on the forums. You'll have to forgive me but the reference just went over my head (the joke still made me laugh, though ^_^).

    12. I saw the post and it looks good, except you might want to mention which game you're talking about (you do have more then one :D ;) :) )

      And it was a TMNT original movie reference :D At the end of the movie Master Splinter makes a joke and then says "I made a funny" :D

    13. Ah-ah, I think people know it's about TOTDC, but I should probably mention it, you are right.

      I am going to use the fact that I italian and never watched the TMNT movie in english as an excuse for not recognizing the joke: who knows how it got translated, certainly not something memorable if I can't remember it. :p

    14. Wow, still nothing huh? That's kinda.....sad :(

    15. Well, on the plus side, someone told me they might contribute a bit more to the walkthrough in the TOTDC wiki. If people keep adding to it, it might eventually be completed.

  24. How long does the renovation take for the Station on Janus (Europa Moon)?

    1. They should be ready after 1 journey to another location.

  25. Hi, I really enjoyed TotDC, it's a very good game (atmosphere and design).

    However, I found four bugs (using the 1.0c web version):
    -the Kagney password to open Matt's safe freezes the game.
    -the Darenzia gizmo to open Parad0x's door freezes the game.
    -the university map during the Dreyfus quest failed to work (no exits).
    -staring sadly at the crack (final mansion) froze the game.

    Fortunately, none of these are game-breaking (other than in itself) as there are alternatives to progress.

    Secondly, I took the 0.6 and 0.72 guide, amalgamated them and spend about three weeks filling in the holes.
    Here's a link:
    [this link will be dead in 15 days, hope that's OK] [if you need another link for some reason let me know] This download is an odt file (should be no issue) of about 70 pages, size about 150 KB. [I'm 100% OK with you using, changing or modifying this guide in any way or form you see fit. ;).]
    It's still WIP and a bit rough (with notes and comments), so it would need a clean-up, but it should be an improvement overall. There was a lot missing in the other guides. While this one should be very close to being complete, at least as far as the main body goes, the rest is just adding details and making corrections. (plus clean up).
    [I would keep working on it but I need to do something else now, and may not find the time to return to it. So the above linked version is as far as it goes for me at the moment.]

    I also made a note of every bug I found (these notes should be removed from the guide eventually). Still, you may go through the document via “ctrl+f” and search for “Bug” to skip through them. Nothing concerning (save the four above) just details really; few bugs, some odd glitches, things not working etc.

    Maybe, revising part 1 could be a good idea if you want to do part 2 ;). Especially, when they do become one game essentially (eventually?).

    Anyway, I think your work on TotDC (and also Caliross) is quite talented. Really good games.

    P.S. Could you reply to this to let me know that a) you've got it and everything's fine or b) it's fine and you don't need it. So I don't have to worry about it (i.e. putting up another link, making adjustments etc). I'll check after some time again to see if anything's the matter. Best of Luck.

    1. Thanks for the bug report, the kind words AND the work on improving the walkthrough! The web version wasn't tested nearly as extensively as the RAGS one, so it's good that I am getting some reporting. It's also good timing, because those can't be fixed normally (the web conversion wasn't done by me) but the guy who helped me should probably give me a hand, and I already need to do a little update anyway (since TOTDC 2 is slowly coming together, and I need to tackle a few issues).

      Which browser did you use to play? I just want to know in case it's important for determining the cause of the bug.

    2. Sorry, I took a while... busy :)

      Explorer Win 7, very old machine (2010, I think).

      I also have a few minor additions to the guide:
      -The bartender on Tartus has no examine option but a pic (MSR Bartender), maybe add both to have a bit more detail in the place.
      -And there is MSR Pilot, which doesn't seem used (?). Maybe add that to the race track, also to add a bit more detail to it. So it's not just the Old Man, as a character, but also a Pilot (pic and examine).

      I missed the following keywords:
      -zakary (caps sensitive)
      Which you may add at the end of the list after Janock.

      And a few corrections of typos I've made:
      Use ctrl+f to find the line..., then fix it [with]:
      - not that matters... [missed an “it”]
      - As such, there best use is... [needs to be “their” not there]
      - all the time.(I had... [needs a space]
      - Notes on dating & cheating : [If... [needs to remove the space after cheating]
      - theme with the people I met?... [“meet” not met]
      - on the Janus Space Station once .. [detail, but should be “Janus space station”]
      - one of each type: ECM, Explosive & Flash... [detail, but should be “explosive & flash”]

      Update for the “TO DO : TO TEST”:
      -When or what are the triggers for the dreams and relationships? [I think this can get crossed out. I did check those, just forgot to remove from the check list. There may be errors but I think I got most of it down.]
      -Details: trigger: Jane Psychic Backlash (?) & Jane Wobbly (?) & Jane masturbating on sofa/bed (?). [note: the last is Jane at Mr. Nice guy, I found the trigger. Add the [edit:...] part to the following line:]
      ...a mysterious package in the armoury. Search for it and you find two vials (blue (+5 fatigue) & red (-10 fatigue)... [edit: ...(blue (+5 fatigue) & red (-10 fatigue). There is also a yellow vial, but using it will cause Jane to go into heat and get caught. If Piper is with you, she'll automatically prevent you from using it.).] Anyway...]
      That's how I missed it. Playing without Piper is eventually rare. Anyway, the last Jane note can be crossed out. But Backlash & Wobbly, I still don't know about.
      -There is also an Apolonia pic, which I can't put anywhere.
      -And the chocobo fever pic.
      No idea? Maybe I missed them, failed to remember them or they are unused.

      Anyway, just a small update, probably also the last for some time :(.

    3. I'll re-add the examine action for the bartender (I don't know why it was deleted), but I won't add the pilot: it's been too long, and I have no idea what I had in mind for her. Dumping her with no plans in the game as a decoration isn't a good idea.

      I added/fixed the rest of your notes, as you mentioned. It's going to take me a while to go through them, by the way, so I hope you don't mind if they won't be published for a while.

    4. No, it's perfectly fine, do whatever you feel is right, you know best.

    5. Hey there, I have started to go through the walkthrough, adding/editing where I see fit. I had a few questions:

      1) How do you want to be credited?
      2) Should I keep the red font where you used it? It doesn't look great to me, but if you think it's necessary, I'll keep it as is.
      3) I didn't realize how many things you marked as bugs! That will take a while to read through. Are you sure the only big ones are the 4 you mentioned in your first post? Those can be considered fixed already, but I was wondering if I should hold off on updating the game until I fix everything (since someone is helping me, I don't want to send him too many versions, since he'd have to re-do part of the work each time), or are those minor glitches that can be ignored?

    6. I'm sorry. I thought this was off my hands so I didn't bother to check again.
      I only saw this now by accident as I wanted to add the following small update:

      In the guide I said that I couldn't get RAGS to work, only the "Through hard-earned Trust" file got recognised. However, I now discovered that the Evindium Affair and Rough Landing are not books but actually games (!). And while checking on "" I found that I need "SQL Server Compact 3.5", which the "RagsSetup." fails to download/install properly (I think it tries, just fails). However, using the link on BedlamGames (to MS) and installing it manually, has all RAGS games running on my system now.
      Guess, I have to get ready for a rough landing now. ;)

      There are also a few (very minor) typos I've found in the guide:
      (use ctrl+f [ hope this still works...] to search for the line;)
      -from start to it's current finish. : its
      -[You need to say "Have a nice day" at the end.] : see
      -Lift off : set this as heading 5 (for better text structure)
      -If you talked to her three times : you've

      But to answer your questions (probably too late and quite pointlessly ;) )
      1. Credit is not necessary. I only wanted to help. Especially, with chapter 2 coming people may want to replay chapter 1 and if I helped to improve that experience, it's all good.
      2. No, you can just select all (ctrl+a) and change font colour to automatic. As I said I only did this to keep track of my insertions into the 0.6 & 0.72 guides. It's not important.
      Besides: If you find anything in the guide you don't like/are not happy with (like failing jokes) or is spelled/written poorly in your opinion, do not hesitate to change/remove it. In fact, I would be happy about any improvement on it.
      You may even treat it as a public wiki and get people to chip in or hand it to someone who is interested to verify & edit it, and they can then treat it as I treated 0.6 & 0.72, i.e. used their work, amalgamated them and build upon it. As far as I'm concerned the guide is public property. I was only contributing.
      3. I guess this is outdated, seeing there is a new version, but the four ones where "game-breaking" so fixing them was important. Anything else was just a bug. None of which broke the game so I didn't draw special attention to them. I think I also made a few observations on things that "may be" wrong but I couldn't be exactly sure and some suggestions. Anyway, my idea was that you use ctrl+f and search for "bug", and then make a "game-author" call if it needs fixing or not. Sorry, if this caused any inconvenience.

      P.S. I did went over the changelog list. I have no time atm to play games. But if all that is fixed, then you did amazing. You're still awesome. And I'm glad I took the time to help you.

    7. No problem, it's also kind of my fault for not checking the files sooner. The walkthrough is going to take a while, I am just too busy these days, but hopefully I'll edit it until it's just right.

      Rough Landing 1 and 2 are great, I really love the second one in particular (my Blanked is heavily inspired by it), so I hope you'll get to have some fun with those.

      The game got a lot of improvements, especially in the html version, so I am really grateful for the reports.

      I'd like to have the walkthrough as a public wiki, although I don't know where I'd host it currently. Well, I still have a lot of work editing to make it more accurate and readable, until I do that there is no point in worrying.

      It was a bit inconvenient, mostly because of how the bug reports were formatted (I felt like I was picking through your inner monologue XD). It was very comprehensive, however, and as I said, I am really grateful you went through the hassle of writing the walkthrough as well as documenting any issue you found.

      All the items in the changelog should indeed be fixed. I was originally planning to have some more new content, but after discovering how many bugs there were, I opted to avoid creating new issues. XD

      There is still a known bug (a couple of lines are switched in a date with Jane, nothing important gameplay-wise), but I should share the fixed version soon, which I think will mark the last update for TOTDC 1.