Monday, December 30, 2019

So. Much. Food!

I survived the holidays so far, and I only gained 500 pounds and perhaps diabetes, so I think I did a pretty good job! XD
Joking aside, I didn't do much work on Caliross, I hope nobody minds. I did fix the reported issues, and since nothing new popped up, I'll probably upload the hotfix tomorrow. I did some planning for the update (it will be focused around the royal court and noble gameplay in general). I'd like to add something I wanted to work in for a while, hosting a party at your mansion for the other nobles. I'd also like to get Erica involved in some intrigue at court (just some minor political maneuvering) and perhaps finally throw in the first few "queen path" steps. I'd like to add other stuff, bringing more paths closer to completion, but since this is going to be a short month because of the holidays getting in the way, I'd rather not be too ambitious, so we'll see.
I did some work in the little free time I had for TOTDC 2, taking a few more steps toward a proper demo, so I did end up still working a bit, but nothing too time intensive, a perfect fit for the little breaks I got from my relatives. XD
I hope you guys will have fun tomorrow, I'll try to survive yet another gargantuan meal, and then I'll get back to work as normal. ^_^

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