Monday, May 13, 2019

A little bit of magic

Let's see: the second quest is finished, I tweaked the scene for getting the bimbo trait from the hypnotist (it's longer now, and it has images) and I sent the test version out to the testers. The second quest is for the mage guild, and we'll get to see a bit more of the magic academy. I'd still like to give the option to join the academy, but we'll see in the future. With only 1 week left, I'll probably just take care of some miscellaneous stuff.
For example, today I worked on the summons screen I mentioned once (I wrote an early version accessible through the main menu, but actually I am not sure if I'll keep using that, because there is no room left), I'd like to add rewards you can collect from the new shop in Golden Leaf (basically, a "thank you" from the faction you picked for the town expansion) and perhaps something more.
I'll try to add as many things as possible until the weekend, when I'll release the new version. Hopefully there aren't too many bugs, so I get more time to add new content.
I did some more testing for TOTDC 2 on Renpy in the weekend, and I managed to get items to work as I wanted them to. It's like a point & click adventure interface, basically. Selecting an item in the inventory changes the mouse cursor to the selected item, and I can prompt different reactions with items and characters on the screen based on said item. Clicking the middle mouse if an item is selected clears the selection (if no item is selected, the usual function to hide the interface is used, instead).
I need to figure out how time consuming this would be on a larger scale, but it seems feasible. I also need to consider how beneficial it would be to the gameplay. I wanted to test this out, to "emulate" how you can use items on other items and characters in RAGS, but maybe it's better to have extra options unlocked when certain items are in the inventory, instead. That might be a little too passive, however. This will probably need some feedback, once I have a prototype.
Not much else to report currently. See you next time for the release! ^_^

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