Tuesday, February 19, 2019

That time I forgot about the weekly dev blog!

Ooops! It completely slipped my mind yesterday to write something before going to sleep! I am sorry! >_<
Anyway, the report is fairly short, yet again, taking into consideration that I had to work on the new temple as a whole. The temple is now complete, and the testers are at work to see what's wrong with it. The temple will have something sexy as well as some brain teasers, as usual. It will also offer the first big reveal as far as the Shapeshifters go, so hopefully I don't mess it up too badly.
I am also in the middle of adding content for nobles. First thing first, I am adding a way to go back to the royal court (this also doubles as a convenient way to reach the new temple, if you have enough money to buy yourself the carriage). Now, I am adding more reactions from the court denizens. I think I'll actually make it available for you to go back to court since chapter 3, so you can get right back into the game of thrones, if you wish. :^
I need to add a scene with the Emperor, to ask him to grant you permission to enter the ruins (they are currently being investigated by researchers from the empire, and are surveiled). Of course, you can always try to sneak in, without permission...
Once this is done, I'll try to at least get something going at court for nobles, and possibly get some consequences for how you handled your previous visits there.
Anyway, this is it for now. As mentioned before, I probably won't release on the 21st, but I should release something by the end of the week at the latest. I might cut the noble content, if I can't get it ready, however (still, I guess it was too ambitious to try and get both a new temple and this finished in a month).
See you soon for the update! ^_^

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