Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy new year, everyone!

I hope you had a good time. Sorry for skipping this monday, but it kind of slipped my mind because of the festivities. Anyway, I'll try to keep this short, since I am already late. ^_^ 
I finalized how the hypnotist works, although I might still want to consider future revisions once the testers and the players get to play with his scenes, but this should be an acceptable version already. Instead of him sneakily giving you random traits when you ask him to raise your stats, I added an option to ask him help for some "anxiety issues" the protagonist might have. Do you feel insecure about your sexuality? He'll make sure you get the titty lover trait. Do you fear pain? No problem, he'll turn you into a masochist! XD 
Since he is such a dedicated fellow, he'll also have a short scene for each trait, where he'll take your new trait for a spin, so to speak.
I have yet to decide if I want something extra to happen with stat raising, now that I organized things this way. Maybe I should remove the option entirely, since we got the sexy stuff in a different area.
Anyway, having established the trait source, I went ahead and added some extra spice for the bimbo trait in the secretary job, and something extra for the masochists on the Edith's path (you get some new text, some different ones in other scenarios and some of the choices are influenced by the traits as well). I also re-organized her path in general, to make its progression faster. Now the random scenes are separated from her path proper (although they are still affected by your progression through her path). Hopefully this makes all sense and is an improvement over the previous structure.
Thanks for all your support in the past year, I hope I'll be able to keep you entertained in the following one as well. ^_^

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