Monday, November 12, 2018

Getting there

So, as I anticipated last week, I decided to work a bit on Kira. Now you can have your first date with her, if you choose to do so, and I also changed a bit how "reporting" the guard for touching you worked (the choice is now forced on you as you speak to her, because the code to keep the option always available was a bit messy). I have worked on a quest for the adventurers guild as well (it's almost done, although I wasted a bit of time with a few rewrites, since I wasn't happy with how it was shaping up at first).

Other than that, there was some more testing and fixing (some old bugs were found, as well as the usual improvements for the new stuff coming in the next release). I also decided to remove the moans from the few sex scenes that used them (thinking hard about it, I wasn't happy with the quality of the sounds, and I realized they slowed the pacing of the scenes down too much), and I did some other changes here and there for behind the scenes coding, to clean things up a bit.

The release is going to happen this month, around the 15th (It should be plenty of time to finish the quest, maybe I'll manage to add something more as well). I think this is everything for now, do let me know if I forgot anything, otherwise, just stay tuned for the update! ^_^

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