Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Putting up a scene

So, I did rework a few things around your slave training, to improve it, I finished the scene involving Janet (well, it doesn't involve her as far as the sexy parts go, but you'll see what I mean when the next release is out), I pretty much finished the slave competition scene, and I started working on the magical academy map (which will be necessary as part of the main quest for chapter 3).
The slave scenes have turned out to be longer than I expected (or rather, I ended up having too many short branches here and there, perhaps), but I think they should be entertaining, so I can't complain. Once I do some testing, and finish up the current slave content, I'll try to add more content for the main quest. Hopefully I get to introduce the academy and the important NPC related to it and the main story.
I believe in a week or so we'll have this month's update, so stay tuned! ^_^

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