Monday, July 30, 2018

Slaving away

So, later today we have the hotfix coming up (I could have released it since a few days ago, but I was waiting on another bug report that never materialized). While the file is uploading, I figured now would be a good time for the weekly report.
First of all, I can't remember if I mentioned the results from the last poll, but we'll be getting some art for the random events this time around, as a result, so look forward to the preview that should happen soon-ish on my patreon page, (and to the following poll, if you are one of the priviliged few :^).
As for this week's development, I had some more work I didn't expect in the form of bugfixes (you'll see when the hotfix comes out), and then I worked on the slave content. First, there is a sex scene with Dolomedes (which will be in the hotfix), and then I wrote an auction scene (we might have different buyers for you in the future, but right now it will be just one), an intro with the new owner and his current slaves, as well as the first training session under the "new management", so to speak. These last ones aren't accessible in the game yet, since it's unfinished here and there, but that's how these things go.
I plan on adding 2-3 more training scenes, and working up toward a scene which was requested by one of the big donors, which should be quite interesting. After that, I figure I'll try to polish/adding content in this path, and after that I'll try to work a bit more on the main quest, as well as trying to finish some of the side content (maybe I'll 100% finish one of the side jobs).
This is the basic plan for next month's release, but hopefully we can do a bit more, we'll see.
As for now, this should be pretty much everything. The hotfix should be up soon, so give it a go if you have a chance. ^_^

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