Monday, May 28, 2018

Wacky week

So, I have been addressing some stuff which will need to be in place for the reminder of the game. Mainly, I finally took care of sleeping outside of Tarkas. Now you can/must sleep at inns if you are away, or if you don't want to/can't afford it, you'll have to take your chances on the streets. Not everything is lost, however, as you have a tent you can use to sleep outside (but it's not very comfortable, so you don't get a full recovery). For old saves, there will be tent you can pick up in your house, so that shouldn't be an issue (the game does assume you always have one, though, so if you are caught in some maps which are designated as "wilderness", you might get a scene where you camp for the night, even if the item isn't in your inventory).
Then, I took care of travelling. Now you can't take the cart anymore to travel east-west if Cornelius pass is closed, journey by ship takes a time slot, and I believe any and all loopholes about travel have been tackled.
I wrote the new scene for starting chapter 3 (which was long overdue), and finally I did a bit of this and a bit of that in Golden Leaf, adding some more interactions with the NPCs and mapping the interior area of the mansion.
As you can see, this was a bit of a wild ride, because I really needed to put some orders into these matters, or things would just get more and more borked as we moved forward, so I decided to take care of them all at once. I believe this sums up most of what I did, expect a preview for the new artwork commissions on my Patreon page in the first few days of June, and stay tuned for more news in general. Have a nice week! ^_^

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