Monday, March 19, 2018

Plans for the near future!

So, I unsurprisingly didn't do much since the release, but I did take care of a few bugs (the hotfix will arrive soon, probably tomorrow if no other reports come in), and I started working on some related stuff for the nobility path (the result from the last poll on Patreon really showed how much people want the noble path in the game XD), mainly gathering sprites, picking the tileset, the music, and putting together the throne room (which will be obviously important on such a path).
The most obvious way to get on the noble path will be helping with great success in the alchemy quest, but I'll probably add more ways later on. I have a lot of ideas for this, so hopefully I'll get to add most of them this month (although I doubt I'll be able to finish the path in its entirety).
I'll give a more interesting update next week, when thing are underway, and I can point out things I have added, as well as have an easier time telling you what I'll be working on next. I can tell you that, for the moment, I won't add the entire city in the game. Since this is mentioned only once or twice, people might not know this, but the Empire's capital isn't Tarkas, which is its largest city, but Una in the south (which is where the emperor's lineage comes from).
Anyway, I'll add parts of the castle (all of it if I get the time), and you'll be summoned there and brought back to Tarkas once tha audience is over, kind of like with the ghost quest (which reminds me I should change it a little, since Solina is now actually in the game). I'll need to think of what's the best way to proceed for gaining the noble title, but I assume it will be trying to gain support from some of the nobles on the council. I'll probably have any reputation you have with the guilds help in this regard, and then have some of the nobles from Lord Kairos' party return here (maybe even the lord himself) so we'll get some consequences from how that ended.
Well this is the basic outline to start with, and I think it's good enough, for now. See you next week! ^_^

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