Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Shackles of freedom

This week, like planned, I finished the second slave's scenes, and I worked more on the combat revamp and the new quest. The quest is coming along nicely. You can get it from Kira in the Bazaar. Originally I was thinking of involving the League of Merchants directly, but then I figured we'd need some build up to them, and at least one "official" quest before we get into the juicy stuff, like the conflict between them and the Zante family.
Since this quest will involve a fight, I decided to make a push toward completing this first round of improvements for the combat. As I mentionend, you'll get a new summon early on, so that I can balance the combat with that in mind.
I also included some really minor changes to the tileset and the map of Rahib, to accomodate for the slave market. Once the update is out, let me know if you find any oddities (or if you have suggestions for the map).
I'll try to wrap things up in 2-3 days, hopefully that's enough to get everything into shape for a release. This is mdqp, signing out. ^_^

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