Monday, October 09, 2017

Multi-tasking gone wrong (gone sexual? :P)

So, In order to save some time, I figured I'd bundle the artwork showing and the weekly dev blog (click the link if you want to check the images on the Patreon post).
The first image is eventually going to be the new title screen for the game, what do you think of it? It won't be coming to the game right away, because I still need the artist to work on the text for the title, as well as do another image, because I'd like the title to alternate between the two, so that I can show the adventure side AND the naughty side as well. :^
As for the second picture, it shows a brand new layered set I am going to add to the game. This means we'll have a way to show new tattoos, see the differences in the booty sizes, as well as have a new pose to alternate to the traditional one, when needed. This one won't be part of the rewards, simply because it's a bit of a pain to adapt the file to images (and I'd rather not give out the file itself, since it's the full thing I use for working on the game), I hope people won't mind getting only one image this month.
Which brings me to what I have been working on this week! I have been adding the layered images to the in-game system. I started with the personal info page, so now you get a different image showing depending on what tattoo is selected. Right now, you only get to see the back for the Zanti tattoo, but I am adding new ones as we speak (I should probably add a way to cycle between the two images at will, though, so people can stare as much as they want XD).
I also finished the scene I mentioned last week, and I am adding a mini-quest to the cowgirl path, because it fits with the corruption theme quite nicely.
I did some work on maps and tilesets, so you might notice some changes to the hospital and the bathouse, as well as the theater and two floors of the condo (let me know if there is something off!). The changes were mainly introduced as a way to improve the hospital (I added several props to it, making it look more hospital-y), but since these share the same tileset and map, I had to do some legwork to copy-paste around the required assets, rather than simply make a brand new tileset.
I also made a minor change to the intro of the game, introducing a "standard" main protagonist (if you don't want to go through the creation), and I added a little tune in the background, if you decide to go through the choices (the silence there goes on for too long).

This should be a good enough recap for the main stuff. Let me know if you want to know something more about anything, otherwise, see you next week! ^_^

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