Monday, October 30, 2017

Another week bites the dust

So, I spent this week working on the slave market. The map is done, dialogues with the NPCs are done (I am considering adding more NPCs, though, right now it's a bit empty, but then again, it's just two screens), and I did some work on the slaves (picking the sprites, writing their background, etc). I should probably have 2 to pick from for the next update (1 male, 1 female), although at one point I was considering more (but we can always get back to this later on). I figure I should have each of them provide a different bonus of some sort (although they won't join you in battle and stay back home, so the bonus won't be directly combat-related). Maybe some crafting ability (like getting a free potion everyday)? I don't know exactly yet, we'll see.
I also need to write the scenes for when they get back home, as well as figure out what kind of interactions I want for them once they are there, it's important stuff to think about, since it will be what makes having them around worth it or not.
I have also done a good chunk of work on small details here and there. Stuff like having a different cup size affecting the wizard's first reaction on the cowgirl's path or having the exhibitionist trait and getting different text with the guard at the bazaar (as well as having the opportunity to complain with the one in charge), to name a couple. It's kind of a pity that you couldn't experience those on your first playthrough, as I think they lose a bit of impact when you replay the game (you might even miss the changes), but the game needs a lot of polish, so when someone points it out, I try to iron these issues out.
Since I also fixed a coupe of nasty bugs, I'll probably release a hotfix, so you'll get to enjoy all these changes, if you are interested (the slave market isn't connected to the map, so you won't get to see it unfinished).
Anyway, this should be everything for now, do let me know if I am forgetting something (also, if you notice any of my pages with NSFW material being public, let me know, so I can set them to patrons only).
See you guys soon! ^_^

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