Monday, September 25, 2017

Sleep deprived post

This week I fixed a few bugs for the closed version (man, I still keep making rookie mistakes, even after all these years XD) and I also wrote two scenes for the vampire path (since the winners for the last Patreon poll were hypnosis and corruption, separated by a single vote), so I can move toward finishing another path, while still doing right by the votes (this also buys me time to figure out what I might do for corruption-themed scenes ;p). I have still a few doubts on how I want to introduce them (if I want to have them start at night like her other scenes after you go asleep, or if I'd rather have a different approach, especially since we'll be seeing some other vampires this time around, and the scene won't be at your house). Other than that I didn't do much (I decided to rest a bit more than usual this weekend), although I ended up sleeping just a couple of hours yesterday (I guess it might be a lesson on how the best plans can go wrong anyway XD).

I hope the public version is fine this time around (usually they don't have many problems, since I upload the latest bugfix of the previous month), but it's hard to say for sure if a version is as bug-free as possible.

Anyway, this is pretty much about it for this week, I'll see you all next time! ^_^


  1. They have overlooked Tales of the Drunken Cowboy *again*. I am offended on your behalf.

    1. That's a category I should win pretty easily, should they ever allow fetish games to compete! XD