Monday, November 28, 2016

Tattoos for everyone!

Well, actually, tattoos will only be for the protagonist, so I lied! :p I was supposed to work on jobs, but I was getting stuck (having a hard time finding inspiration), so I decided to work on something I already knew how I wanted to tackle, I went ahead and added the tattoo parlor to the game. You can access it starting from day 2, when the road to the slums will open partially (up to the first screen), since the riots aren't completely over yet (it has nothing to do with me being unable to finish an entire district in a week, no sir!).
I added 5 tattoos for the right arm, and the nipple piercing, for now. I decided to wait on the other stuff, since they wouldn't show up with the current graphics (using busts at an angle makes it hard to find space for tattoos). Maybe I'll add a way to check individual parts (like a close up for the other arm, the legs, and the tramp stamp that will inevitably be used), or I'll just use text descriptions, or once I get to pay an artist (hopefully when December comes and the payment checks out, I can start "investing some of the money on art) I use a different perspective, which shows more of the body (it would still need some trick to see what's going on with your back, though). I decided that if I use custom illustrations for sex scenes, they won't feature the tattoos (as much as it pains me, they would all need custom layers, I feel like that could be potentially a lot of work for little impact). I hope to clear up my thoughts on this as I move forward, it's probably not a huge deal.
I also updated the personal page, so now it does display a minimal description of your tattoos and piercings, if you have them. This (together with my plans to add traits) cemented my idea to add more pages (the space for listing tattoos and piercings is too small, otherwise) to it. UI work is always a bit annoying, but hopefully it will be worth the effort. I have to consider if I want separate pages you can pick from a list for tattoos, piercings and traits, or if it's better for players to have them all in a single page (that would make the menu less "nested").
I also added the first area to the slums, as I mentioned before: the map and the less important NPCs are more or less done, but I am considering adding the brothel in this area, which would take some effort to make. Having a week or so before the next release might make it hard to finish this one, but it should be doable.
There is also a little "secret" to find related to the tattoo parlor I managed to sneak in, hopefully those who like my puzzles will appreciate the little extra. :)
I think this is it, as far as content added goes for this week, and for the plans for the next one. Anyway, see you guys next week! ^_^


  1. Are you already thinking about which artist would you like to hire? Do you have some kind of list of names? I'm curious about what kind of art style can we expect in your game. What are you intentions about art anyway? Are you going to commission a drawing for every sex scene?

    1. I was suggested an artist and I liked what I saw, so unless there are problems of any kind, I will likely contact her and work with her on a semi-regular basis. If people do have suggestions, I am willing to hear them, though, it's always good to have alternatives.

      The style will be "anime-like" to fit with the RPG Maker style (up to a point). I wouldn't be able to describe the finer points of the artist's style, but as I said, I think she is talented.

      As for the art I would like drawing for all sex scenes, but for more "generic" ones, I would see no problem in re-using assets (a classic example is having people not show their face or leave their face blank, other than the protagonist, of course).

      I am also considering whether I should commission a "remake" of the main protagonist, or something similar, so that I have better quality portraits and busts available, but I am not settled on that one yet.

      To be honest, having to work with an artist is a new thing for me, and I do have a few doubts I hope to resolve by thinking a bit more about them.

      I wish I could just do the art myself, but that takes too much time to do properly, and I would probably need better tools (I am decent with a pencil, but I'd need something to use with my PC, so that I can do the coloring and everything in GIMP, rather than try to scan my works).

    2. (Different Anon.)
      Hopefully everything will be nice and easy for all parties involved. Just be careful--don't want anything like the "Breeding Season" fiasco.

      Anyway, not *all* slums are bad! There are lots of kind people helping each other out because of the shared situation they are all in. It'd be nice to see this aspect as well in games involving slums instead of all too familiar predators that preys on the less fortunate in order to try to get ahead. (I like messing with people's conceptions in my tabletop RPG sessions with folks, lol.)

    3. Did someone ran with the money? I think I saw someone mention that name somewhere else, but I don't know much about it.

      Anyway, unless I die prematurely or become otherwise incapacitated, I see no reason why this game shouldn't be completed (being a one man team means I can do whatever it takes to get it finished if I have to, and I have no constant expenses for development, just what I decide to invest on art for the game). Even if things go really poorly, I just wouldn't get the art for the game, but pushing a finished product out shouldn't be much of a problem (I mean, I did finish 3 other games before this one, I just can't fathom what could get in the way, and it's obviously a low budget deal).

      The slums will be a mix of good and bad people, but it will be a seedy place, mainly because I need one in the city for the less "palatable" stuff, like the brothel, and probably some sort of thieves' guild or criminal organization. I am not about to set an army of muggers on the loose, though. XD

  2. I was wondering, in the eventuality that your patreon reached an amount that would allow you to, would you consider the possibilty of hiring a voice actress for the game? Maybe even just to dub the sex scenes.

    1. Eh, that seems unlikely. I wouldn't know where to begin, nor I think it would be much of an improvement. Quality work would also be expensive, and the biggest problem is that there are so many sex events, sounds become repetitive. I even decided to remove the voices in the current scenes for this very reason (as well as for the fact that they forced the scenes to last longer). As a small project, that seems way beyond my possibilities.