Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Who needs a walkthrough?

Apparently, nobody... More specifically, Nobody235. He wants to put out a reward of $20 to whoever puts together a good walkthrough for the game (I would be the final judge on the quality of the walkthrough). It seems appropriate to write about it here, so people who might be interested know about it. The reward would be paid through Paypal (so know that at the very least you'll have to share your Paypal email, if you want to receive the prize, or whatever other info might be required to receive money from paypal to your chosen "platform").

I am just going to evaluate them as I receive them, so I am not going to compare them. As soon as a good walkthrough gets to me, the contest is over, and the reward will be paid by Nobody235. I am not the one behind the idea, nor will I be involved with the money (I will take care to share any relevant info between Nobody235 and whoever gets the prize money, though, since I will also be the one to check the walkthrough).

My email is always mirko.della@tiscali.it and you can also contact me through PM on the Hypnopics Collective or the TFGames sites, if you want to send me your walkthrough.

Good luck to whoever decides to take on this challenge! ^_^


  1. Be sure to have it so that it can be posted both here and in the Collective's thread on the game.

    1. I'll make sure to spread the walktrhough wherever I can, assuming I get one. :)