Monday, October 24, 2016

Still a slow week

I did add/improve certain elements, but I still didn't get some solid time to work with no interruptions. Maybe I should put some extra time in this week to recover the lost time. Anyway, I did get to work on some entries on my "to-do" list, and I worked on adding more content, so I can't really say it went too poorly. This week's changelog includes:

improved detect magic "on screen" detection;

Added some interactive elements to the player's house;

Added hint to the use of detect magic on the slime quest;

Option to "postpone" Carla's path and willpower training after HP cap is reached (it will cost "only" 50 gold);

Now to really start the cowgirl path, you need 85 willpower or lower when working in the farm. You get a new scene if you are a little "rebellious"; and there are two more scenes/events for going down this path.

There might be some minor adjustments missing from the list, but these are the main points. I have also worked a little on a possible system to make it easier to use layered images for the protagonist's bust when it comes up. The idea is to "automate" some of the process, so that I might be able to use different bust sizes, have piercings show up, tattoos, maybe add some customization options for eye and hair color, etc. It's not impossible (far from it), but there are a few annoyances I have to work around, and if I go through with it, I'll have to track down all the instances where I currently use the bust to direct the game to the new system, and I'll also need to create the parts to be used with the layered system. The real problems would be for any illustrations I might commission for the sex scenes (there is just no way to properly account for all the changes in these, since they would be unique, with different angles each time) so people might have to settle down for a more "vanilla" look in these.

Honestly, I dislike inconsistencies like these, and that's why I am not full on board with creating the layer system, but I figured if I manage to nail how it will work, I might as well experiment with the possibility. There could also be the possiblity to use a limited number of "stock" illustrations for sexual situations, and apply the layer system on these as well, but that seems a little too much work for the reward (which is to say, sub-par variety in exchange for customization).

Anyway, let me know if you have any ideas about this in the comment, and stay tuned for next week's status update! ^_^


  1. Are you interested in making pure domination/submission/corruption stuff, without mind control elements?
    Loved the Drunken Cowboy! It is nicely written and well coded, characters are interesting but so far the best thing was the aviability of choice for the protagonist. Without the surprise comes the fact that the worst part of the experience was the limitation of the said choice due to mind controling someone "punishing" you for being too submissive or too slutty. In the adult game! About the submission!

    1. Well, I like MC in pretty much everything, but yes, I can go for submission/corruption without mind control as well.

      I like to think the impending doom in the game created a nice tension between what players would want, vs. what the game demanded of them, but I can understand if it was frustrating from time to time. :)

    2. Different Anon
      Nice insight. Man, I still haven't finished ToTDC even though I've followed it since damn near its infancy some three or four years ago. (Wow, has it really been that long?) Got busy with other things (mostly work) and was sidetracked with Mdqp's other game, "Blanked", for a bit. But exploring and looking for other paths and finding new details has been quite an adventure in and of itself in ToTDC!

      Anyway, I have a different question. I know you guys have a Saints' Day and/or a Souls' Day around this time, but do many Italians also celebrate Halloween? It's getting bigger every year for Italians, right? What do you guys typically do? Just parties? Whatever the case may be, have a great Halloween everyone! :D

    3. Glad you enjoyed yourself with my game! :)

      The whole "contrasting goals" design comes from Fallout 1 (it's an open world RPG, but you have a rather strict time limit, if you want to get the "best" ending). Of course, I am not as good as the people who made Fallout, and the contrast here is about porn content, rather than player's instincts. I am also sure some people just can't take the frustration (I loved it in Fallout, but many people probably lamented it), I understand it, even if I prefer this in the end (for me, it's like being mad at old Resident Evil for fixed cameras and limited saves: sure, they are arbitrary limitations there to create frustration outside the control of the players, but it's also what creates tension whenever you hear a noise and are desperately looking for a saving spot).

      Anyway, it's a long rambling message, just to say "sometimes flaws have a purpose too, and might be there by design". XD

      American culture does trickle down into ours, especially when it comes to not nationally-themed holidays (no independence day or thanksgiving for us, or at least not US related versions). There isn't a fully developed "trick or treat" habit for kids yet, but they are starting to go around houses, from time to time (still rare). Themed parties are basically everywhere, though, even middle-aged people take part in them nowadays.

      The weird thing is that we have a nation-wide Carnival, so we already had an holiday where we dress up in costumes (although not necessarily spooky ones), so now we have two of them around. Culture is weird, man.

      I wish a great Halloween to everyone as well (although I don't think I'll be celebrating this year, I am not much of a dress-up person, and my circle of friends isn't into big parties).